10 Egg-cellent Easter Bakes You Have To Try!

Excuse the pun, but with Easter everywhere I look offline it really only seems fair to bring it online and share some of the best Easter-themed bakes I’ve found around the internet this year. Now, it isn’t all about the Cadbury’s Crème Egg – although they do feature – because I absolutely loathe the bloody things.

Crème Egg Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake by Becky at milkbubbletea

When I first started putting this post together, I knew I had to share a cupcake that I had actually seen years and years ago on one of my favourite blogs, milkbubbletea. Becky created this Crème Egg Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake and it just screams Easter – so her bake is kicking us off. Becky also has honourable mentions with her Easter themed Miffy Cupcakes & her Easter Chick Chocolate Stuffed Cupcakes.

Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns by Sarah at TamingTwins

Now it certainly isn’t all about Crème Eggs during Easter for me, but give me a packet of hot cross buns and I’m a happy woman. Give them a chocolate orange spin like Sarah at TamingTwins has done with her Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns and I’m in my own personal heaven!
Chocolate & Orange Mini Egg Surprise CheeseCake by Ciara at MyFussyEater
A cheesecake! Another offering with chocolate and orange, with a hidden surprise to boot. I definitely like a good cheesecake, so when this Chocolate & Orange Mini Egg Surprise Cheesecake by Ciara at MyFussyEater popped onto my radar I knew it had to make the list.
Bird’s Nest Coconut Macaroons by Stacey at BakeEatRepeat
Tradition here in England dictates that you use cornflakes or Shredded Wheat to make your Easter nests – Stacey at BakeEatRepeat defied convention and created these Bird’s Nest Coconut Macaroons.
Easter Chocolate Nests by Zoella
Speaking of using Shredded Wheat – Zoella created a post and video highlighting her six favourite Easter treats and these Easter Chocolate Nests were nestled in there begging me to feature them. These used to be a primary school treat at Easter time, although the thought of thirty under-twelve children running around with chocolate covered fingers strikes a few notes of terror deep within my soul.
Rabbit Cookies by Sandeea at larecetadelafelicidad
The Spanish blogger Sandeea behind larecetadelafelicidad has created these adorable Rabbit Cookies! There are many, many variations on Pinterest of similar cookies but I love the simplicity Sandeea has adopted for hers. Also, they have a chocolate filling which isn’t shown on the photograph – fantastic!
Chocolate Mini Egg Cake by Jennie at ScarletScorchDroppers
I do enjoy a Cadbury’s Mini Egg, so coming across this Chocolate Mini Egg Cake by Jennie at ScarletScorchDroppers was a revelation – it’s covered entirely in them! I also advocate the sneaky use of Cadbury’s Fingers as a wall – if only it was a viable architectural option when it comes to other things in life..
Bunny Mini Cakes by Laurie & Nancy at TwoSistersCrafting
Laurie and Nancy over at TwoSistersCrafting have set the standard really, really high with their delightful Mini Bunny Cakes. Give me a cake, it’s a winner. Give me rainbow cakes topped with bunny ears and finished with a little bunny tail? I have no words!
Chocolate Bark How-To by Hobbycraft
I did start this list with the intention of featuring bloggers and not brands, but Hobbycraft have created a stunning Chocolate Bark How-To guide and I feel obliged to share it. Very useful if you’ve already made Zoella’s Chocolate Easter Nests with the children and you’d like something else child-friendly!
Simnel Cake by Phil at VickeryTV
It isn’t really an Easter list if it doesn’t feature a Simnel Cake – so I’m sharing this delightful effort by Phil at VickeryTV – a Traditional Easter Simnel Cake. One to try if you’re feeling brave this Easter!
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