11 Week Pregnancy Update

So now, I’m (approximately) at the twelve week point in my pregnancy today. Obviously, we don’t know for sure – in my previous post I explain exactly why – but I’m going to try keep a weekly progress update of my pregnancy so I can look back and reminisce and now seems a good point to begin. This is also a lovely way to keep my family in Bradford updated, as the trek over the Pennines isn’t always possible – and I want to try keep them as included in this pregnancy as I can.
Morning sickness is wearing me out at the moment – a constant feel of nausea, almost like being motion sick but all the time. I’m eating as often as I can, although its generally only little portions of food. Many times I’ve cooked all day to prepare for Mike coming home from work, sat down with him to eat and found myself unable to actually put food in my mouth without my gag reflex kicking in. Not pleasant!
I haven’t had cravings as such yet.. I’ve had the opposite, like being completely repulsed by things I’d usually covet like hot tea and coffee! Even the smell of coffee at the moment is enough to bring on those waves of nausea, so I’ve been drinking water and fizzy pop – not ideal, but the bubbles distract myself from the sick feeling.
I’m feeling pretty good in myself – at the twelve week point, it all becomes a little more real doesn’t it? – and I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead. I have a few things I need to sort out in life before I focus on my baby end-game. Having found myself rewriting my CV at 30, my stress levels are bubbling away but I’m doing my best to not internalise them like I usually do as it wouldn’t be good for me or babe right now. When one door closes, another opens – and if a door doesn’t open, it isn’t your door!
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