12 Week Pregnancy Update

13 weeks is here! Last week was a little bit of a mixed bag, as I posted on Tuesday about my battle with ‘severe morning sickness’.. Thankfully, the medication (Stemetil!) has taken hold and I’m much better. That has a huge knock on effect – because I can keep food down I’m sleeping better, which means my general mood is better and I don’t feel as bogged down with the ‘fog’ of exhaustion.
We have our second dating scan this week, so we hope to find a more accurate due date for our little one which is incredibly exciting. I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait to see them on the screen again! It cements the fact there is a tiny little ‘us’ growing inside of me, then reminds me how epic this process is. As a woman, I’m in the process of creating another human being and protecting it until the time he or she can come out into the world.. It feels incredible.
Milestones this week:
  • baby is up to the size of a peapod (7.4cm) and can weigh up to 23g
  • the part of the brain which is responsible for complex thought (problem solving, memory) is developing
  • baby is now swallowing amniotic fluid and then weeing it out via the kidneys – meaning nutrients are being absorbed such as carbohydrates, protein, glucose and electrolytes
  • sexual organs are developing – if baby is a boy, a penis will be growing and if a girl, her ovaries will have fully developed
  • as the second trimester is begun, nausea and tiredness begin to ease and the pregnancy ‘glow’ begins to set in
  • hair may feel more full and luxurious
  • the ‘bump’ will start to blossom more now as baby grows – weight gain may average at almost 1lb a week
So, this week is the first real week of the second trimester. I admit I don’t feel as exhausted anymore, but that I feel is partially down to getting my morning sickness under control.. I have noticed I’m much more forgetful at the moment, having lost both mine and Mike’s bank cards at separate points this week (they were eventually found!) so I’m hoping I don’t do anything too drastic while in the baby fog.
I look forward to seeing how the rest of this week goes!
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