13 Week Pregnancy Update

I’ve survived the 13th week – barely. This week has brought me a very brief respite from the joys of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (or HG for short) but as soon as the weather became hot and unmanageable it came back with bells on. This week also brought us our official dating scan, so we can all mark our special day on the calendar and get to grips with the impending arrival.
So our scan went well – and we have a bundle of joy due December 25th, 2017. Thanks to the previous scan we had an inkling we were welcoming a Christmas baby but to have our bundle due on Christmas day is very exciting. I’m fully expecting a few weeks late with this being my first though, so hopefully I can still make the most of Christmas dinner – ain’t nobody want to miss out on Christmas dinner.
Everything is fine with the baby – my sickness has caused me to lose weight which I was a little worried about but the Midwife reassured me that while I am quite sick, baby will soak up nutrients from me and be perfectly okay. Ladies on twitter have reassured me that while HG is something really hard to endure, there is an end to it and every moment afterwards is worth while.

Other than the HG, I’ve had my first cramps this week. Like very mild period cramping, as my body gets used to its new role in life. They’re pretty low in my stomach, and are simply irritating – not painful. Food aversions are definitely dairy at the moment, I’m even more sick than usual when I indulge in milk (even a splash in my tea) or cheese, so I think I’ll be avoiding it a little in the future. I generally feel turned off when it comes to food which is rare for me (I have quite a hefty appetite normally) and have to force myself to eat lots of little things, often.

Having a support network there that can help you through these moments is essential so tweets like  the ones I received really did make me feel like I wasn’t alone.
I think the beauty of having social media during something like pregnancy
is fantastic, I’m only a few seconds away from a whole catalogue of experiences and information that women are sharing and encouraging others with – from instagram to twitter to blog posts and birth stories.. I’m never without reading material that informs me and reassures me that everything is normal. I have a thousand questions a day regarding my pregnancy, so it really is a valuable resource for me.

Blogging about it has been pretty therapeutic too, admittedly. I don’t ever want to overwhelm my readers with pregnancy so I’m attempting to keep all my arrival posts on Mondays. I have become a little bit of a baby bore though, so please bare with me during these next few months!

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