14 Week Pregnancy Update

14 weeks has passed me by, and looking back on the week I’ve had I’m a little relieved. Between soft cramps in my abdomen, to the full effects of HG I’ve had a week of ups and downs – though I’ve managed to keep my head up and get everything I’ve needed to do done alongside.

I have found that I’m craving much more sugar this week. Especially the little gummy, pickamix goodies you can buy! I’ve managed to keep myself controlled with this, and between throwing things back up again with the HG I can indulge in a sugary treat or two without any major worries. In fact, I think the boosts of sugar have done me the world of good when I’ve been unable to keep much else in my system.


  • Baby can now make facial expressions – squinting, grimacing – the facial muscles are really getting a work out
  • Arms and legs are now making more coordinated movements – our little one covered their face on the last scan we went to so this was so obvious!
  • This week marks the beginning of distinguishing facial features developing – Mike and me are showing through!


  • Sickness and nausea, still going strong unfortunately
  • Dizziness when standing up too quickly
  • Very mild cramping in abdomen, like soft period pains
  • Extreme tiredness – I can’t go a day without a nap at the moment!
  • Emotional mood swings – tears are only a half-second away at any time.

I have to say, this week is the first week I’ve properly ‘felt’ pregnant. I have a definite bump forming, my trousers are too tight and the tiredness has absolutely wiped me out – but it isn’t unpleasant. Knowing I have something so precious inside is incredibly special, and I can’t describe how protective I feel. Aside from the odd sugary treat, I’m doing my best to eat healthily – little portions, as often as I can – and I’m much more aware that things I do eat and drink are fuelling not just me but us.

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