16 Week Pregnancy Update & Consultation

This week
we had the consultation appointment for my hips – or so we thought. Turns out, it was more of a consultation about everything – blood, urine, hips and mental health. I wrote about my hips a few months ago on this post regarding hip impingement, but due to falling pregnant just before having my surgery I’m pretty much back at square one.

My urine sample came back fine, but she did have me go give another two phials of blood as she noticed the blood tests I had a few weeks ago came back anaemic. As this is quite common during pregnancy, I’m not too worried – hopefully when the second set of bloods come back, I’ll just have to adjust my diet slightly or take a supplement.

I think everyone going to these scans and appointments, works themselves up the days before. For some reason, I convinced myself that this was all just a huge hospital mix up and that I wasn’t really pregnant at all (despite having two ultrasounds to tell me otherwise!) so when the urine came back with no problems I was relieved. As if the midwife read my mind, she asked if me and Mike wanted to listen to the baby using a heart beat monitor. Yes, yes, yes, yes – YES.

I can’t explain how I felt when I heard that little sound. It sounds like a horse, running under water (thank you to our Midwife for nailing that description – it really does) and I immediately felt that surge of.. Something. It didn’t seem to matter what was going on outside of my womb – our baby was healthy, happy and thriving away inside me.

My hip impingement was something more complex, though. I had to spell it out for our midwife as she had never heard of it before (‘f-e-m-o-r-o a-c-e-t-a-b-u-l-a-r i-m-p-i-n-g-e-m-e-n-t’) and it was decided that I’d have to have a meeting with an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hips before any decision could be made. Obviously, they’re worried about my hips impacting on the carrying of our little one, and ultimately the birth – I get a lot of pain in my right hip and despite my best efforts the left seems to be surrendering to it too. It isn’t really a great sign but I’ve read of women giving birth in many positions so hopefully, something works out.

At the moment, I’m really into reading birth stories – they don’t terrify me as much anymore, and to be honest the curiosity has kicked in. What used to literally make me sick with fear is becoming more understandable and as I feel our baby growing it feels more natural to me. Birth isn’t going to be pleasant, but it really is something natural for a woman to do.

Feel free to leave your own birth stories in the comments below, I’d love to give yours a read!

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