17 Week Pregnancy Update – Cramping & A Reprieve From HG!

Goodness have I been looking forward to a break from the wonderful (not.) Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Not only because it really has been wearing me out, or because I really do love my food and I hate seeing it in the toilet bowl – but because.. I can’t say nor spell it without wincing. Its been shortened to ‘HG’ so many times, and that causes problems of its own when describing to people how unwell I’ve actually been.

It might come back. I’ve already been warned about that.
The thought of revisiting that phase of pregnancy doesn’t fill me with joy. This week however, has been wonderful – no sickness, and very mild cramping in my abdomen. My body is getting used to carrying around something that’s growing incredibly quickly at the moment so I did expect some cramping to go along with – and as I said, its very mild.
One thing I have noticed this week, is my dreams. Very vivid, very… Bizarre, and I remember them when I get up which I never used to. I’ve had dreams where I live in a tree house in the jungle, with a catlike creature which had a tail it could wrap around trees – we had a wonderful life, cat-creature and I, until a black goblin wearing a skull on its head chased us (around the tree house) one day. Or last night – I was taking pictures of a museum, on a remote island with a class of children I’ve never met. But I was also looking at house prices on this island, and calling Estate Agents. My mind even came up with the Estate Agents!
I can’t even share the most bizarre ones online, I’m afraid I may be taken away and you’d never read here again.
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