Bunny Thoughts – creating a safe indoor environment for Rusty.

Giant Cardboard Castle via Barksandbunnies.co.uk (£17.99), Royan Hooded Bed via Barksandbunnies.co.uk (£29.99), Playpen via DeeMillen.co.uk (£50)

I want to start making a more suitable indoor space for Rusty. He has a very well equipped hutch outside, and when we bringing him inside I let him have the front room – our wires are well out of the way and he’s not shown an interest in chewing the sofa so.. He’s moderately safe to leave to explore. He’s never left alone, obviously.

Regardless, I’d like to try and provide Rusty with a more stimulating environment which he can explore more freely. The playpen I found via Deemillen.co.uk is perfect, it can be settled into the corner of the front room and filled with exciting toys and more enjoyable items for the bunny – and perhaps it may contain the poop-factor too since he likes hiding it under the sofa. I think filled with goodies from the fantastic Barksandbunnies.co.uk (such as the cardboard castle and the hooded bed) he will have the best time. I went for the hooded bed so he can have a little shelter if he wants to – especially when the children are here. I think some sort of fleecy blanket would also work well at this stage for the same reasons – supervised of course.

Rusty on one of his frequent explorations of our front room..

As you can see by the previously instagrammed photograph above, he’s slowly becoming more and more sociable and now he’ll quite happily come to us for an exploratory sniff. Much better than hiding under the sofa refusing to budge for anyone or anything. I’m also getting him used to different fruits – banana is a miss but small pieces of apple go down well!

What are your other bunny-pen recommendations? Is there anything that works for you and your buns?

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