Is There Anything Better Than New Bedding?!

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As most people know, we recently moved into our own home after living at our (well, my..) in-laws for a number of months. We shared a single bed, and our life fit into a box room which was 15ft by 6ft. Needless to say, having our own home is something incredibly satisfying after working so hard for it – and I love splurging on things that I couldn’t before due to lack of space.

My favourite?

The bedroom! I think because I was in another persons home for so long, with their personality and their tastes I feel so territorial over my own spaces now. I feel like a woman possessed looking at homeware websites at the bedspreads and bed linen – so I want to share some of my favourite finds. These are from a variety of websites so I hope something tickles your fancy like it did mine!

Marks and Spencer have some wonderful offerings for both adults and children alike this season – from this delightful Knights and Dragons Bedset, £25 via M&S which is absolutely stunning, to this on-trend Metallic Spots Bedset, £25 via M&S. The pink and gold detailing are perfect for this year and I’d love this set myself if it came in a more purple shade.

M&S have outdone themselves this year on the cutest bed linen front!

Can I also take a moment to congratulate M&S on the cutest bedding sets in the world? The Floral Bunny Bedset, £25 via M&S and my personal favourite the Rabbits Bedset, £25 via M&S completely blew my crazy-rabbit-lady-mind. I love visiting M&S for bed linen, as I know it can be washed without fear of getting that dreary washed-out-bobble effect which really doesn’t sit well with me.

Having lovely bedding is wonderful, but a bed isn’t really snug without a throw. So I’ve been browsing some bedspreads & throws for the home at Yorkshire Linen. Throws have to be durable and hard wearing in our home with a fleece loving bunny and two children – while I look for something affordable for the children I want something a little more expensive and swish for our room.. And I found the perfect choices.

Affordable throws which are bright and attractive for the children, in their favourite franchises!

For the children, the Disney Frozen Magic – Fleece Throw, £7.99 via Yorkshire Linen and the Marvel Strike Throw, £4.99 via Yorkshire Linen (link removed, no longer available) are the ones that caught my eye. These would be perfect for having on the end of the bed, so they can be snatched up to use as blankets on the sofa while we watch a movie together before heading upstairs to sleep. (I’m secretly a huge Cinderella fan and I love this Disney Princess Throw, £7.99 via Yorkshire Linen (link removed, no longer available) but.. Alas, I don’t think Mike would be enthused with having this in our room.)

A variety of snug throws in a variety of designs are available – but these are my favourites.

Speaking of our room, I have my beady eyes set on a few gorgeous new additions. I couldn’t decide on one, so I’ve shared each one that I’m enamoured with – I think I need all of them in our bedroom cupboard so we never run out of layers personally. First, the beautiful Charcoal Knitted Throw, £17.09 via Yorkshire Linen. I love knits, I love chunky knits, and this would be absolutely divine on those chilly nights when the cold is biting. The Purple Faux Fur Mink Throw, £15.29 via Yorkshire Linen throw would be perfect too – and its a wonderful rich shade of purple. This would be for the nights I don’t trust my knitted throw being snagged – little fingers and toes can pull stiches when it comes to knitted items and snagged wool is my bugbear. An honourable mention goes to the Grampian Stag Sherpa Throw, £17.09 via Yorkshire Linen (link removed, no longer available) – I adore that print and it would be perfect as the festive season draws near.

I was paid for this post, but the choices and words are all my own.

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