What have I been up to lately?

A little bit of a life update is in order, isn’t it?

I’ve recently made the jump to that ever-expanding medium, Youtube. That means I have a healthy amount of time invested into vlogging as well as keeping the blog fresh with new content and looking pretty. While there really is a little bit of extra pressure there, I’m thriving on it at the moment and appreciating that I have a hobby I can really sink my teeth into.

View this vlog by clicking here to jump to my Youtube channel.

Its something myself and Mike have been embracing which feels really nice – he focuses more on the editing side as that’s really up his street while I try my best to let my socially awkward self blossom on camera. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable but I’m hoping over time and with the coaching of my nearest and dearest, I’ll start to shine.

I have to admit, I’m adapting to it a little better than I first thought. It isn’t so scary being on camera! The worst thing I’ve had to contend with is more of a personal one – I’ve seen how much weight I’ve managed to put on over the last few years and I’m incredibly unhappy with that. Its something I’m one hundred percent working on now, especially since I have the motivation of.. Well. I’m right there. Everyone can see!

View this vlog by clicking here and jumping to my Youtube channel.

I actually started on something else too – a hobby I’ve been trying to get to grips with for the last few years as people who follow my twitter account know. Crochet. Well now I’ve actually taken the step of attending a class! The wonderful people at The Secret Garden in St Helens asked me along and I worked up enough courage to go. I’m so glad I did, they’re a wonderful bunch of people and I wasn’t disappointed.

That isn’t all I’ve been up to – we’ve been exploring and adventuring a lot for the vlogging channel and that has really kept us busy. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you, and I’d appreciate you subscribing to my channel and possibly giving us a like – the support would be amazing!

Thank you!

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