Why I Use Scents In The Home & My Favourites!

I’m a huge advocate of scents being used around the home. Not only around the home but in work and schooling environments ideally, but lets just start at the home. They make a huge difference – and not one that is often praised or noticed very often.

When buywaxmelts.com wanted some bloggers to review their scented products, I knew that I’d love to be one of those bloggers who had the chance to do it – and I was! The brand (an offshoot of the wonderful Adam & Eco brand) stand for so much I appreciate, such as a vegan product run by family who want to have a close relationship with its consumers.

Right now the harmony in my home is complimented by some beautiful scents, and I’m going to explain which ones I went for and why – the choices are extensive on the site and while its an easy to navigate site which offers a no-fuss experience I want to share the scents themselves because they’re certainly something special.

I’m a huge fan of the no-fuss packaging, less waste and incredibly practical!

I’ve actually backed off a little from the use of wax melts and burners as I tried another brand of melts when I was in the city apartment in Bradford and they really disappointed. No longevity, no really strong scents and generally expensive for what I really got from them. When the package from buywaxmelts.com arrived I was really happy that instead of wrapping the melts in tissue paper, glitter and the pelt of a unicorn they’d gone for no fuss cardboard packaging. The melts arrived in perfect condition and still smelt gorgeous – my postman even commented that his bag smelt amazing now.

A selection of the melts I chose on buywaxmelts.com.

Which scents did I go for?
First up is Lavender. Self explanatory, no? Lavender is one of my favourite scents and it is a staple of my home. From sleep balm to pillow spray, lavender is the one scent which I find relaxes me enough to wind down if I’m feeling stressed. Complimented with a camomile tea, I’ll be in the best mood to catch some z’s if the scent is authentic and strong. I wasn’t disappointed when I added my melt from buywaxmelts.com into my burner. Strong and simply of lavender, there were no ‘filler’ scents added in to bulk out the strong smell which filled my bedroom. I’ve had this melt on for three days so far and while the smell isn’t as strong as on the first night, its certainly not done yet!

The Flower Fairy Garden melt is the scent currently permeating my front room. It smells like a summer walk in the country, and it isn’t so strong that you feel overwhelmed by it its soft enough to keep you reassured that you have a melt burning. This is great when the children are here as they’re much more sensitive to smells and floral scents can be incredibly strong to them, this one is a pleasant alternative which still fills the room with soft tones of summer.

The last one I decided on I haven’t had on my burners yet but I have stored these in the linen cupboard to make it smell wonderful.. The Peony melt. These are quite strong, hence why I’m storing them in the linen cupboard until I use them – the bed linens smell amazing and why not? I may as well get the most out of my melts!

Long lasting, wonderfully scented melts which don’t break the bank. I can’t recommend buywaxmelts.com more.

All in all, a huge success for me at the moment. I can’t wait until I raid the buywaxmelts.com stock again and get to choose some new favourites! Let me know if you have any melts of your own, I’d love to know!

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