The 2016 Secret Santa Survival Guide

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Those dreaded words.

“Shall we do a Secret Santa this year?”

Yikes. Immediately, you have that sinking feeling that you’ll end up with that one person from your workforce who just doesn’t ‘get’ your humour or really, you at all. That crushing paranoia that you’ll be that person who gets the title of ‘Worst Secret Santa’ this year. You could always just bottle it, and settle on a box of chocolates and a some wine but honestly – where’s the fun in that?

There is so much variety available now with the internet. Here are some of my favourites! I’ve been quite open with the pricing – although I did include a thrifty section for those who don’t want to be spending too much.

Satsuma have compiled a whole host of Christmas articles from bloggers who have their own ideas to share – you can view that here!

For those who make you laugh:

We all have those people around us, who seem to spontaneously make the corners of your mouth turn upward. Whether its the joker of the office, or a loved one with a wicked sense of humour these gifts will really hit the spot.

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts, £9.95 from
Enid Blyton for Grown Ups, £7.99 (each sold separately) from
Donut Mug, £9.99, from
Retro Embossing Label Maker, £19.99 from

For those you treasure:

The people who really rock your world. I love a good sentimental gift exchange and I tried to make sure I listed a variety of gifts you can personalise to your hearts content. From quotes to photographs, make someone’s Christmas that little bit more loving by letting them know how much they truly mean!

Personalised Wooden Star, £7.50 from
Friendship Knot Earrings, £9.99 from
Adjustable Constellation Ring, £9.99 from
Personalised Metal Polaroid Print, £12.75 from

For the serious ones:

Those office goers who you just don’t quite get. They have an incredibly professional side and you haven’t seen them let loose yet – there isn’t anything wrong with that, but sometimes they can be a tricky one to pull out of the hat. Have some fun by getting them gifts they can appreciate all year round – aside from the Egg Nog Cologne which is a winner in my opinion.

Grey Bird Scarf in a Box with a Golden Initial, £15.50, from
Personalised Colouring Book for Adults, £8.99, from
Name Necklace (silver pictured; others available) £24.90 from
Egg Nog Cologne, £9.99, from

For those you don’t really know that well:
The new starter. The people who work down the hall who you never really see. I’ve found a selection of quirky but nice secrets that anyone would be happy to find!

Sparkle LED Jam Jar Light, £9.95 from
Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter, £9.99 (each sold separately) from
Grow your own Cactus, £9.99 from
Great British Bathe Off Bath Melts, £8.95 from

When you need to be thrifty:

Christmas can be a nerve-wracking time for anyone on a budget. I browsed around my favourite online gift stores and settled on a mixture of fun items that would add a little something for a little money this year!

Animal Egg Moulds, £5.99 from
Scented Macaron Coin Purse, £8.99 (each sold separately) from
‘Mug Cakes’ Book, £7.95, from
Toast & Jam Bodywash, £6.95, from
This post was written by myself, in conjunction with SatsumaLoans. All words and choices are my own. Pictures are from the respective websites.
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