The Blackpool Zoo Camera Roll

I know we already vlogged about our visit to see some fantastic beasts – but we also managed to take advantage of the quiet day and get a lot of amazing photographs too.

You have to enter (or rather we did) through the giftshop in order to purchase tickets – in the same area there is a coffee shop selling Starbucks coffee and some rooms displaying the charity work the zoo are currently involved in around the world. As I mentioned in the Vlog, we were there on a rather quiet day so there was one family in front of us in the queue – hardly a cause for complaint!

The Dinosaur Safari! We didn’t explore this as much as we could have done, but as the opening times were 10am-3pm we didn’t really have the time to wander. Mike had an accident last week unfortunately culminating in a hospital visit for a badly sprained ankle so we had to really take our time with our wanderings, prioritising the animals the children wanted to see. We did poke our heads in though!

As you enter the main hub of the zoo, you immediately come face to face with its residents. This Capybara was happily grazing away not three feet from us, behind a fence. I’ve never seen one up close and I’m a little in love with the fact they look like giant guinea pigs.

Oh. My. Goodness.

This monkey was absolutely amazing. His call was something along the lines of a car alarm and it just came straight out of the blue, resulting in me and the children trying to stifle our giggles as Mike attempted to catch it on camera.

Three furry fellas taking a snooze against the glass. I liked their style personally, as each pretty much had one eye open the whole time while ignoring the hub of people swooning over them.

Hello, beautiful! The tigers were lazing around aside from one, whom padded the perimeter of the fence to the onlookers delight. The one thing that struck me as I watched, was how big these cats actually are – you don’t really get the concept of their size when you see them on television but this cat was humongous. Each paw was bigger than my head!

I did notice that tigers swish and flick their tails very much like their domesticated counterparts, which made me smile.

More of the zoo’s residents. Each habitat has been carefully balanced to mimic the animals natural environment – I know Megan was a little confused as to why some animals had skulls or dead trees inside until I explained that in the wild – that would be completely normal to them.

This guy.


He recently turned 18, and as someone who works closely with Ramon took the time to comment on my instagram – he’s been very close to humans for a long long time so he really enjoys the human interaction. He had his fist rest against the glass, watching as people took photographs. Mike sat down with him a little while and we all spent some time appreciating how wonderful this creature is. I can’t begin to tell you how intelligent he is, his eyes watching everything. Mike showed him a photograph of himself on the camera and Ramon leaned forward very gently – kissing the glass.

My heart exploded. I love him!

We stopped to watch a Sea Lion show at this point – Mike was finding his ankle a little troublesome and we had a filler to film so why not?

The Sea Lions taking part in the show were incredibly mischievous – twice Anya got down from her perch and attempted to steal fish from the reward bucket the keeper was getting his chunks from!

The wolves! The wolves at Blackpool are Iberian wolves, and there were three of them in the enclosure. As we watched, they hunted down the source of a noise they found distracting – working as a pack to track down… A bus. On the outside of the fence.

I have never, ever seen a Red Panda before. Only in photographs.

My delight was short lived at first as when we originally went to the habitat, he was asleep and not really wanting to be disturbed. Fate had it though, as we got a little lost and returned to pass by the same habitat to have both Red Pandas up, awake and moving around!

Our final
visit of the day was to the Elephant/Reptile/Amazonian habitat. I caught much more of that over on the Vlog but this was one from the reptile house. I didn’t venture far into it as my little ‘fish spotters’ came running to me to tell me there were fish ahead so I made a hasty exit. I’m incredibly phobic of fish and being in there was a little too much for me once I knew they were there!

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