Cholesterol – A Lifestyle Change, Not A Diet

I’m actually writing this post, at 5pm after suffering a pretty awkward Doctors appointment.

My cholesterol is too high.

Now, as I don’t smoke or have a history of diabetes – that comes down to one pretty damning factor. My diet is abysmal. I’m eating way too many saturated fats, and it just won’t do according to my GP – she wasn’t thrilled with me and I felt pretty embarrassed sitting there recounting my food choices over the past few months.. Unfortunately, my liver is also feeling the effects of this as my liver function isn’t great either. Fantastic right?

So, what does 2017 hold for me?

More exercise.
No alcohol.
A balanced diet.

Not quite the boost I wanted to hear before Christmas.. On the plus side I have a neat diet sheet up in the kitchen naming all the foods I can have, and shaming all those foods that I can’t have.

According to the NHS the foods I should be cutting out are:

  • meat pies
  • sausages and fatty cuts of meat
  • butter, ghee and lard
  • cream
  • hard cheeses
  • cakes and biscuits , foods containing coconut or palm oil

Amongst other things of course. I’m going to be quite open about this on the blog, as I didn’t really keep an eye on my ‘cholesterol levels’ because I shrugged it off a little. I’m only 30, should I have to really watch what I eat? I’m pretty active at work, I walk everywhere – I can eat anything I like, right? Wrong! It really is something I should be keeping a better eye on, and this whole thing has been a huge eye opener.

I’m going to make this a positive journey however, and share it here – recipes, moans and groans, and updates on how I’m doing with it.

Here’s to 2017 being the cholesterol beating year!

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