Sharing Our Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions

How is Christmas here so fast?

I honestly can’t quite get my head around how quickly things have come around. I swear I’m still in October! Due to working in a school, I submitted to the festive feel this year and I’m quite excited to sharing the day with my little family. We’ve been blessed with a lot of treats under the tree this year, and after a few years of hardship it feels good to have a few wonderful treats for other people this year. We finished wrapping earlier this week, sat back and smiled at one another – not something we often do when it comes to Christmas!

With Christmas Eve now here, I thought I’d share some of my favourite traditions with you!
Pajamas from Primark, Christmas Eve Traditions

The first being an obvious one. Who doesn’t want fresh pyjamas on Christmas eve? I’ve picked out the Bambi Satin Pyjamas this year as Bambi is my favourite Disney treat and I can’t resist. For those less Disney inclined, I picked Floral Satin Pyjamas as my alternative choice. Both are from Primark making them wonderfully (and seasonally) affordable, and I’d be happy to prance around in either come Christmas morning!

Christmas themed Yankee Candles, Christmas Eve Traditions

I always, always have a candle on Christmas eve. I was a little premature this year and the candle my Father brought on a visit got used this week (I was homesick, my parents always have scented candles on at the family home so they’re comforting to me) and ended up burning it the week before Christmas. I did look at getting a Yankee candle – particularly the Christmas Eve (link removed, no longer available) version, but it was sold out. Although I could be tempted by the Christmas Garland (link removed, no longer available) candle by Yankee, Mike surprised me with the Christmas Eve one which was out of stock – so that will be scenting our home this year.

We plan on locking our doors, snuggling up with the tree lights on and watching a movie this year – we don’t have the little ones until the night of the 25th so while we don’t get to share the Christmas eve magic with them we do get to share the magic of the day which I’m looking forward to.

What are your Christmas eve traditions?

I wish all the readers and viewers of a wonderful Christmas! I’ll be switching off this year for the 25th to enjoy time with family, but please feel free to check out our latest vlog which is now available to watch on our Youtube channel!

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