Products That Work For My Psoriasis

I’m sharing some of the products I’ve found that are working for my Psoriasis right now – due to the cold weather and some other factors, mine has flared up and during these times it is incredibly difficult to manage and deal with while working full time and so on. Obviously, these work for me. They might not be suited to everyone, and while I’m sure everyone has their own set of holy grail products I’m so thrilled I’ve managed to settle on my own set.

Lets talk about soap first. I know I’m about to break the first rule of blogging, but I have to be straight with you. I use soap on my face to remove makeup. The soap I use is the Dove Beauty Bar (original – something about the scent fills me with memories from home), and while I lather and rinse three times in all – I wouldn’t have it any other way. I suffer breakouts, yes, but only when I know other factors have impacted on me. My skin isn’t dry – the only time it does get dry on my face is when I have a cold or if I’m feeling lazy and I use a face wipe. I went through the whole oil, micellar water and cleansing thing but the best thing I’ve used is the Dove Beauty Bar, with some Kiss The Moon Facial Oil before bed.

I love getting a long hot bath. Out home is an old terraced one, so it retains the cold – there is something soothing about having a steamy hot bath in a house that could rival the Antarctic sometimes. While I do adore my LUSH products, I can’t use them too often – they do irritate. My ration is once a week – I got the Snow Fairy bubble bar and the shower gel for Christmas (they aren’t on sale so no link I’m afraid) and choose one to use on a Thursday night after a fitness class. Any more and it really is too much for me, especially during a flare up. Otherwise, I use the Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash (I branched out from the originals and I’m currently trialling one of the scented versions of the product) and Indulging Cream Caring Bath – I tried them due to Dove working for my face and haven’t been disappointed.

For my hair, I’ve struggled the last few weeks.

My scalp was inexplicably itchy and hard to deal with – flaky and dry, hot.. I thought the worst and checked for headlice for 2 weeks straight when I got home from work with no results from that. Then it dawned on my after catching sight of a familiar mark behind my ear. Psoriasis. I had it on my scalp. I was so wary then about the products I was choosing – the Elvive Extraordinary Clay worked well for my hair type but it was really not working for my scalp. It was when I was out shopping with my Grandmother that I stumbled onto The Delicate Soother range by Garnier.

Finally, the lotions and potions. Nothing too glamorous I’m afraid!

Standard E45 Cream, Doublebase Gel and Zerobase Emollient. These are the prescriptive soothers I have to hand in my bathroom – depending on how I feel about my sore spots I use the different creams. Doublebase Gel is my personal favourite, its like smothering my Psoriasis in a lovely blanket as it’s a gel-based product – it sits on the skin a little longer and that really does help when I’m wearing sleeves. I usually use the others when I get out of the bath, coating myself and if I do have any open wounds I sometimes mix and match between all three. It can take a while but it helps me get things under control.

Do you have any experiences of Psoriasis? What products work for you?

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