25 Messages That Show You Care

25 Text Messages That Show You Care

This day and age, it isn’t as easy to let your loved one know that you think of them as you rush around life. The thing is, with work and children and a whole lot of ‘real life’ happening, it’s becoming harder and harder to connect with each other and make sure each person feels valued.

The world of messaging, opens up a new way of planting that proverbial kiss on your partners forehead when they’re out living life. In this post, I’m highlighting some of my favourite messages – sentimental little pick-me-ups which can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

I know I can be difficult sometimes, thank you for being there when I’m at my worst.

Is there anything I can do to make your day easier?

Just a message to say I’m thinking of you.

No matter what happens today, remember I think you are amazing!

Today is a tough day, but thinking about coming home to you makes it much better. 

 I love you!

All the things we have been through – I’m glad I came through them with you.

I’m glad you are on my team in the game of life. 

 You make my heart smile.

 Every day I love you more.

I miss you – let’s make time for a date night this week. 

 I believe in you.

You are my happiness!

Thank you for all you do in life for us. 

 I’m a better person because of you.

Seeing you happy makes me happier.

Looking forward to coming home to you!

I’m your biggest fan!

Why don’t you pick the movie tonight?

Lets turn all our phones off and have a night for each other?

 You keep me going!

 I’ll always love you.

 Date Night?

 You are so special to me!

 Our song was on the radio and I can’t stop humming it!

Some of these may seem over-slushy and too much, but sending them to your beloved will truly be appreciated – why not give it a go this Valentines day?

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