My Birthday Wishlist

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Obviously, my 30th is fast approaching – it falls in the back end of April and I can’t say I’m looking forward to hitting the big 3-0. When I was much younger, I decided I’d be married with children at 26. Why 26? I have no idea, but back in my teens it was a turning point. I may not be married (yet) and I may not have children of my own, but I am on full nesting mode this year and a lot of my ‘wants’ for my birthday reflect that. I don’t usually make lists as I find them a little cringe-worthy, but with my family living at least an hour away they’ve asked me to give them some ideas towards what I’d like – and I’m happy to oblige.

1. Bloom by Estée Lalonde I’ve been a huge fan of the blogger Estée Lalonde for the longest time. I feel like such a bad fangirl because I haven’t been able to invest in her book yet, and it’s had such good reviews. Estée gave me a lot of grounding during my amateur blogging years, back when she was under the moniker ‘Essiebutton’ – and she was certainly someone who gave me the confidence to blossom into the YouTube side of things. Congratulations on your book deal Estée, I can’t wait to curl up with a cup of tea and bloom.
2. Himalayan Salt Lamp So many good things have been said about salt lamps and anxiety – while mine is under control most of the time now I’d still like one of these lovely lights in my home. I”ve had a lot of friends tell me these work, so I know it isn’t all just ‘twitter hoo haa’ and I’d like the chance to see how they make me feel – some people have them in each room of their home, I think I’d be happy with one in our bedroom.
3. Yankee Candle is a brand that consistently appear on wishlists I create – this one is no different. The lavender candle is something I haven’t tried yet and with my love of everything lavender scented I want to give it a go!
4. Black Leather Radley Bag is the bag of dreams. I begun a love affair with Radley a few years ago but they’ve always been too expensive for my budget. I’m very enamoured with this offering however and I’m definitely putting it ‘out there’. Any brand that has a dog as a mascot is also a winner with me. I can’t put a puppy on this wishlist but I’m always wanting a canine companion in my life.
5. Copper Teapot I’m a tea fiend. So much so that when I told Mike I’d be putting together a wishlist with no price limits, he groaned and started listing off things like teacups, teapots and flavoured tea. I’m easy to read obviously! I do love tea though, and since I stopped drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks I think my blood type is 85% tea. This glorious teapot is the thing of dreams!
6.  Panasonic 4k TV We really need to update our TV. So even that has creeped onto my list. We spend a lot of time tuning into long-running TV shows like The Walking Dead so it really is only natural that we invest in a television which allows us to watch in the best quality.
7. Weighted Hula Hoop (no longer available) Hooping is something I’ve picked up into my fitness regime, and I love it. The one on show is ridged, but I want to be super greedy and have a ridged hoop and a smooth hoop for working out with! It gives you such satisfaction and it really works my core, so it can’t be all bad. I’m actually very surprised that so much fitness stuff has creeped into my birthday wishes – I did set off in 2017 with the mantra “it’s a lifestyle change not a diet” and that really has happened.
8. Nike Rosegold Training Shoes How glorious are these beauties? I love that they’re so discreet but have a flare of feminine detailing about them – perfect for my gym bag. I’m trying to be more adventurous when it comes to my gym gear, but these are a staple favourite.
9. ADIDAS Fitness Tights As I mentioned above – I’m trying to be more adventurous and these tights are the perfect compromise between ‘out there’ and ‘subtle’.
10. Poppy Pashley Cycle The Crème de la crème of my wishlist. I’ve always wanted a Pashley cycle and this year I’m making it my business to get one, saving little by little. Living in a small town it’s much more viable for me to use a bike to get places now – in the city it would have been an incredibly harrowing experience but I really want to embrace the lifestyle changes now. How gorgeous is this mint green beauty?
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