10 Ways You Can Improve Your Self Care Routine

‘Self care’.
Self care is the choice to look after yourself. Its about that powerful, independent decision to engage in activities that promote your own well being and self worth – without feeling guilty for doing so.

1. A long hot bath.
My favourite. The obscene amount of bath photographs I put up onto my instagram is evidence of how much a long hot bath can pick me up. I love taking the time to lock the bathroom door, pop in some bath oil (or if the occasion calls for it, bust out some of my favourite LUSH products!) and just let myself slide into that comfort blanket of bubbles. I do recommend having a good book, or propping up your tablet close enough so you can catch up on the latest series you want to binge watch (but far enough away not to fall into the bath – that isn’t so great for your self care routine!).
2. Exercise.
Exercise is amazing for boosting your self esteem and putting your confidence levels back on track. I never truly believed it but when I began my boot camp classes I realised why so many people advocated exercise as a pick-me-up. It took a lot for me to go to an exercise class, it might be more beneficial for you to do some online surfing and finding a good Youtube channel to subscribe to. Exercise is still exercise even if it happens on the rug in front of the fire!
3. Go exploring.
Go and appreciate somewhere you haven’t appreciated before. When you go, listen to the noises around you and take more notice of the things you see. Even if you take a camera, don’t focus on getting ‘the best’ pictures but focus on taking them anyway. It isn’t always about everything being perfect, but it is about making time to appreciate everything around you.
4. Get dressed up.
Even if you aren’t going anywhere – make the effort to look good for yourself. Put on your favourite outfit, even if you want to spend a day spring cleaning. It really is okay to primp for you.
5. Switch off.
Mobiles, laptops – anything plugging you in to the outside world – spend a day without it. The world won’t stop and you can live without knowing what that cute dog on your instagram feed is doing today. A Digital Detox is something I’ve written about before, and in switching off I was switched on to so much more around me. I was able to focus on my family, the beautiful views and the wonderful weather – and then after the day (or weekend in my case) was over I still found the world continuing on without my social commentary. Amazing, huh?
6. Have a duvet day.
I’m totally condoning this. A day in pyjamas, wrapped up in a blanket on your sofa is perfectly acceptable. I usually curl up with the TV series of my choice, a cup of my favourite tea and the laptop for a day of me-time – and usually end up browsing my favourite interior design websites while adding things into my basket I’d never usually buy. I also use this time to read my favourite blogs!
7. Write a list.
Take the time to write a list – you’ll be surprised how much it actually helps. Make sure it’s something that represents the positivity you need – from the compliments someone has given you, to the beautiful things you have seen that day. Taking the time to reorganise the thoughts in your brain really does do wonderful things for your feel-good-factor.
8. Take time to talk.
Spend some time having a chat, catching up with a friend really is soothing. I sometimes pin a lot of my happiness on chats with some of the closest friends, even if it is a message chain with a friend or plans to have coffee and a chat.
9. Have a clean out.
Clear out your wardrobe and get rid of some of the old clothes lurking there. Purge your bookshelf of reads you’ve read back to front. Venture under your bed (or in that kitchen drawer everyone dumps things in) and empty out that clutter cavern.
10. Spend time with people you love.
Even though this list is all about self care, there is something to be said about the company of those you genuinely adore being great for the soul. Even if it’s a phone call to the people you miss most – make sure you have some time appreciating those you love.
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