An Online Revison Tool At Your Child’s Fingertips?

Here on She & Life, I’ve never hidden my offline profession as a Teaching Assistant. I love my job, and I love working with some of the most incredible minds I’ve ever met – both my colleagues and the children themselves! Because of that, I’m going to be sharing some resources that I’ve discovered and feel could be beneficial to both school setting and at home. With SATS looming, I like to think any resource a parent can access with their child at home is a blessing (sorry to everyone I’ve just given an involuntary shudder too – that SATS word is anxiety inducing for adults at the moment!)
Education Quizzes offers a huge variety of test-based resources from Year 1 all the way through to Year 11, which have been curated and put together by teachers who are passionate about the subject they lead in. Priding themselves on not just putting trivia questions together and calling it a revision pack, each section has a carefully selected variety of questions which are all woven into the curriculum for that said year.
I’ll be focusing on the KS2 version of the website as that’s what Megan is currently at – and it’s currently what I assist in when it comes to work. When you sign up at Education Quizzes homepage you will be greeted with a homepage that is easy to navigate and comes with a number of awesome little features I want to mention.
Obviously, on the left hand side of the page your key stages are categorised into handy little sections, with ages provided just in case you aren’t so sure what stage your child is currently at. I like the options of a specialist category, which has the best introduction: “Education Quizzes doesn’t just cover school subjects. Nope, we’re far from a one trick pony. We’d say we’re more like a 74 trick horse. See, we like to educate everybody, on all sorts of topics! Hooray for nerdiness.” (Source)
Another favourite for me is the nature blog available to read through – its something I’ll be sharing with Megan as she has a vested interest in all things wild, much like I did at her age which is endearing. I love the huge amount of choice available – so even when your child has a piqued interest in something that you don’t think you’d ever find in school – log in and have a look online.
The handy sections above break down for each person accessing the website, just why they should invest in the £9.95 monthly fee. That seems like a huge amount of money in the competitive market (Mathletics is £59 annually) but for the variety of information you can access it actually compares quite well as it covers all the subject bases. I think being appropriate for a family of mixed age children is appealing too – both Megan and Tristan can make use of the website, despite being different ages and in completely different stages of education.
The KS2 section of the website has every subject you could wish to choose from, even covering the Music, PE and RE aspects of the curriculum. Each has its own category once you log in, and is easy to navigate even for the smaller members of the household. Within each subject there is a vault of revision style quizzes providing a wealth of knowledge building opportunities – perfect for those wanting to review one subject or knuckle down and invest into more than one.
Schools can also take advantage of the quizzes for pupils, and the pricing structure is given in a handy online tool. Schools make use of resources like this in a variety of ways – from setting online quizzes as homework, to working alongside parents in teaching their little one to be a ‘Quizmaster’ – making Education Quizzes a must-have for any educational setting. Access to over 4000 quizzes, each tailored by a teacher and available for as little as £2 per child.
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