Essential Oils & Why They Are Essential To Me

Essential oils. I remember my Mum being a huge advocate of these growing up, and back in the early nineties they had the hippy, not-taken-seriously kind of vibes. I never knew that as she dabbed my face with water and tea tree oil (ah, those teenage spots..) I’d be a huge advocate of them as I blossom into my thirties.

I use essential oils so much now, I’m a huge advocate. So I’m sharing the oils I use day to day, and why I use them. I recommend getting yourself a bottle of each and giving them a go – I reacted so well to them, and I couldn’t imagine certain things without the background scent these days.

For sleeping! This mixed with a little water, spritzed on your pillow at night is a true saviour. I’ve sworn by it for years, and see no time in the future when I won’t have lavender oil as a pillow spray. I also use lavender around the house in oil burners to try and create a soothing environment around the home if I have something coming up where I feel a little anxious. I sometimes mix a drop or two into my night cream, creating a soothing mask I put on before bed – Lavender has antiseptic properties that cannot be ignored.

*If you or someone in your home has epilepsy, please do not use lavender oil as it is known to trigger seizures.*

There are two different types of camomile oil, before I go into too much about these I want to define each one. The types are:
Roman – for moods, like PMS and frustration – if I’m feeling restless or irritated I turn to this oil – again, in an oil burner.
German – this is your skin soother – perfect for psoriasis or eczema although it does depend on your skin. I recommend consulting your GP or dermatologist before experimenting with camomile oil if you already have prescription creams for your skin.

Camomile tea isn’t oil based, but I do recommend it as a soother before bed if you have restless legs or struggle dropping off in the summer months.

Eucalyptus is a staple for any household I think – great for winter, it soothes those snotty noses and nasty coughs clearing our the sinuses when used in a vaporiser. If you can’t do that, add a few drops to some steaming water and put your head over it. Cover both head and bowl with a towel so you get all the steam to your face, and breathe deeply for a few moments – great for the symptoms of flu, and great for the skin to boot.

*Care should be taken with eucalyptus oil – ingested, it can be toxic and used topically it may cause skin irritation.*

This oil I use when I have work to do. If I’m on a deadline for the blog or need to do some serious work, I pop this in our oil burner and have at it. It really works well at realigning your focus and giving you the clarity you need to ‘reboot’ your brain and get yourself back on track. Those days you can’t focus on one task at hand and instead balance six different tasks like plates spinning on sticks? This is your oil.

*Care should be taken with eucalyptus oil – ingested, it can be toxic and used topically it may cause skin irritation.*

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