Social Media & Blogging, Do You Need It?

This post is the second in a series which will talk you through the basics of blogging – from my personal experiences.
Social Media is a huge part of blogging – for many reasons. You use social media to promote your blog, to communicate with your readers and to keep abreast of what may be trending in the blogging world at any point. But, it really is optional. I never used to feel that way, social media and blogging was hand in hand – but as I stumbled into more communities I realised not everyone had Twitter Not everyone had Facebook pages, or Instagram.
Social media is optional.
It isn’t a must, it isn’t a need. You do what you feel comfortable with, and if that means having a blog without the intersecting social media, then you do it. I do however, recommend you have a little bit of a think about setting up social media for your blog and setting it to self-publish when you update or so you can spend an hour or so a week scheduling posts.
Scheduling posts? That means you set up all your tweets for a day, and load them onto an application such as Buffer. That means it posts tweets for you, or updates Facebook for you. That means you can get along with your life while not worrying about keeping on-top of everything online. I find it almost irreplaceable and I probably wouldn’t be as organised and in control without it. Another tool I use to keep myself on top of things is the IFTTT application and browser based website.

I do have to stress that you don’t need to do every single social media application. Dip into one or two, stay exclusive – you do what you feel comfortable with and you’ll go far.

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