Dying To Visit London? Creepy Attractions In The Capital

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Need to kill some time in London? For those looking for a taste of the city’s dark past or simply wanting the scare factor, the capital has plenty of thrills on offer. Here are just a handful of the attractions that will get your heart racing.

Head off to the tower of London
The Tower of London is steeped in rich history and has many attractions on offer from the Crown Jewels to medieval re-enactments. The castle was also once a prison for some famous characters including Anne Boleyn, Edward V and Lady Jane Grey. Tours and audio guides can bring all the gory details to life for those wanting a look into the tower’s gristly past.

Walk the footsteps of a killer

One of London’s most notorious characters is Jack the Ripper. You can learn about him and his killings on a Jack the Ripper tour that takes you around key spots on the East End. Each guide is an expert on the field – many of them having written books on the subject. To this day, the identity of Jack is still debated. It’s a murder mystery that’s baffled investigators for over a century.

See a ghost

There have been a number of ghostly sightings in this ancient city. Pubs such as The Grenadier and The Spaniard’s Inn are great place to get a taste of these spirits. The London Ghost Bus Tour is also an exciting way to learn about these hauntings. The tour combines on-board actors and technical trickery, making it as much of a theatrical experience as it is an opportunity to learn about the past and the city’s paranormal activity. Seats book up fast so make sure you buy tickets well in advance.

Watch a scary movie

The Temple Cinema on Liverpool Street is a converted masonic chamber that was only recently discovered. The cinema has a number of scary showings of old horror movies from the likes of Psycho and The Babadook. For those that like a good fear flick but want an experience different from your average movie theatre, this unique cinema is well worth a visit. You even have the option of adding a two course dinner on top (it’s a popular attraction for dates!).

Hungry for horror?

One popular London bar for those wanting a taste of the occult is Garlic and Shots. This bar offers a number of devilish drinks and freakish foods including Vampire Steak and is surrounded in creepy décor including cobwebs and skulls. Autumn is of course the best time to visit London for scary food and drink attraction as this is when all the restaurants and bars get their Halloween theme on. The city’s cake shops are definitely worth perusing during this period, with sweet snack shaped like spiders and guts. If you’re visiting London during Halloween and looking to have a meal on the night, make sure to book ahead to guarantee your place.

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