Give Up Loving Pop!

I recently cut down on my intake of fizzy drinks – a hard task to do when I’ve indulged in more Diet Coke than I should do in my lifetime. Thankfully, I’ve discovered there is way more to life than a few bubbles and today I’m going to share some of my favourite alternatives with you.
Obviously, quitting anything can be tough, so remember to treat yourself and not deprive yourself totally – you’ll hate it. I do have a glass of ‘pop’ when I need to, but I’ve drastically cut down and while at work I only drink water (or caffeine free coffee at lunchtime) so that leaves no time for indulging in a sugary treat or two. The time I find tough is when me and Mike are settling down, when I’d have usually resorted to a glass of wine or two (wine doesn’t have bubbles!) but as alcohol is off the menu for now, a glass of pop is my vice. When I heard about the GULP campaign, I knew I had to look into it a little – and promote my alternatives to carbonation!

Infused Water
Having a water bottle with an infuser (you can find an original design right here for a reasonable £12.95) is one way of brightening up boring old H2O. Infusing water is something people on Pinterest have been dabbling in for years, its only over the last few months it has become more mainstream – a few slices of lemon in a water jug with your ice cubes at the family BBQ, throwing some lime and mint into your infuser bottle to create that mojito feeling – that’s fruit infusion. I have a few favourite combinations – lime and mint, cucumber and lemon, strawberry and basil – all are a tasty alternative that keeps you hydrated and refreshed without the sugary bubbles.
I have a cupboard full of tea – another cheap and cheerful alternative to bubbles! You can find so many varieties these days, there is a teabag to please every palette. I love the stronger tasting teas such as ginger, liquorice and mango – again, with a slice of lemon if I’m feeling a little under the weather. My new night-time tipple of choice is honey and camomile tea – it sends me straight off into a deep sleep.
Fruit juices can be very sugary, so I prefer diluting mine down with water. I adore the Belvoir range – the elderflower cordial, and the ginger cordial are personal favourites. I usually have a bottle stashed in my locker at work for when my water needs a little bit of a pick-me-up – making the most of our water cooler in summer months. These can be served with hot water too – a hot ginger juice is perfect for staving off a cold, while the blueberry and blackcurrant is perfect for curling up with at night.
The GULP Campaign
Knowsley Council have endorsed a campaign called Give Up Loving Pop (GULP, rather cleverly) which focuses on promoting none-fizzy drinks to both children and adults alike. By visiting the website, you can take part in a 21 day challenge to give up fizzy drinks, or simply read up on the subject – they’ve highlighted a whole range of reasons why the fizzy stuff is bad for your body. From your teeth to your heart, your carbonated habit is doing you no favours.
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