Me Time Not Mum Time!

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Having children in your life is such a wonderful opportunity and blessing. Not only do you have the benefit of their company but you also get to do loads of fun things like going to theme parks and getting messy with painting and drawing. But sometimes you just need some me time. Time without the little ones that is just for you to unwind and relax. Read on for some clever suggestions about how you can achieve this.

Afternoon tea

A lovely thing to do, for a bit of me time that is elegant and sophisticated is to grab your girlie friends or even your own mum and take them for afternoon tea.
You’ll find that are all sorts on offer around the country from little tea shops to posh hotels, and even a bus tour that includes cake and sandwiches too.


Or why not get to a historical property like The Wood Norton that offers afternoon tea along with a flower arranging demonstration? So you can be pampered and crafty all in one go.


Now, as you may know, I enjoy getting out in the great outdoors and doing some hiking. There are some great benefits to hiking, and they are not all physical. Some are mental too, as being away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life can help you get some space and perspective.

Hiking is really a perfect fit for some me time, as choose to go out into the wilds are spend some time alone connecting with nature. Leaving you refreshed and ready for whatever life has to bring when you return.


I find other great me time activities is to get involved are things like crafting and baking, or anything else creative that you enjoy. But remember it’s the process that is important not the outcome!
Too often we can see something nice and think ‘I can make that!’ But when we sit down to do it we get so involved with the finished article in our heads, that we forget to actually enjoy the time alone that we have dedicated to making it.

Spa days
Now, if you are feeling in need of a little luxury as well as some time for yourself, then there is no better place to go than a spa. Usually a part of a hotel; a spa often contains a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. As well as treatment rooms and other treats for the senses.
In fact, it’s all designed for your to have some quiet, relaxing, time centred on yourself for a change. So remember this option if things are starting to get on top of you and it all feels a little too much.
Some of you may love to head out to the shop armed with your credit card and some flat shoes, so you can stomp your way around town and grab some bargains in your me time.
But even if you don’t and there’s nothing stopping you having some quality me time at home by dying some internet shopping. Keep your jammies on, put your feet up, and grab a nice hot chocolate. While you browse your favourite sites and order things to be delivered to your very own door.

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