Beat The Heat This Summer!

Well, the UK is currently basking in what we deem a ‘heat wave’ – high temperatures close the 30’s that we really aren’t used to. Now, we all know how to look after ourselves when things get a little warm – but when the temperatures carrying on through the ‘warm’ into the ‘hotter than hell’.. Well, we might need a bit of a reminder.

Nobody is safe from the hot weather – we can all become overwhelmed if we neglect to look after ourselves, but there are a few brackets of people who need to be looked after when this weather hits as they can be at a greater risk:

  • people over the age of 75
  • babies and young children
  • women who are pregnant
  • those with serious, chronic conditions or disabilities
  • people who prescribe to certain medication (specifically beta-blockers, antipsychotic and antihistamines – as these may affect sweating/temperature control)
  • those who are already dehydrated from being ill – make sure those with tummy bugs/sickness bugs are well hydrated
  • people who have a physically active job
These are all pretty obvious, but if you or a loved one fall into one of the above categories then you really do need to be extra careful during a heat wave as heat can be particularly troublesome.
Below are some of my top tips for dealing with this weather – please, feel free to leave a comment with your own if you have a heat hack!
Check the weather every morning
Stay on top of the weather and check in with local forecasts in a morning. That way, you can dress appropriately and plan ahead – I usually make sure I have two or three bottles of water with me when I know its going to be hot as I don’t know how close I’ll be to a tap during my work day. When I do get chance to refill, I will – but I’d rather have a little more water on my person than none at all.
Checking the weather reports in a morning will also alert you to any travel changes that may happen because of the hot weather – and, if you suffer with a condition such as asthma or hay fever, pollen counts and the air pollution reports can be incredibly helpful.
Plan ahead
Planning ahead is essential – if you are planning a day at work, as I said above make sure you have bottles of water with you. Going out for the day with the children? Get a summer kit bag prepared with water, sunscreen and insect repellent. I often keep a little change in the bottom of our summer kit, just in-case we go to a place that has something like an ice cream van available.
Watch your caffeine and alcohol intake
Caffeine is a hidden enemy during the hot weather – known for dehydrating you, balance your coffee with a glass of water too to keep your hydration paramount. Try do the same in the beer garden too, as many of us flock to our nations pubs and beer gardens to make the most of the heat – make sure you are taking on as much water as you can while still enjoying a drink or two of your chosen poison.
Dress for the weather
I already touched on this a little, but dressing for the weather is another important factor especially at work. While many work places have uniforms, if you can be flexible and wear a t-shirt instead of a shirt please do so. For those who can’t mix and match their chosen work attire, it sounds like the perfect excuse to put on your offices air conditioning and keep trekking to the water cooler!
Keep your pets happy
As we used to do with our pug Otis, and we still do for the house rabbit – freeze some water bottles, and pop them in the pets bed/hutch so that they can have some relief from the weather too. Make sure water bowls/bottles are always topped up, and try keep them out of the main heat of the day between 12 and 3. A pet can’t tell you as easily they are too hot, but you can really make the hot days easier on them.
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