My Battle With Severe Morning Sickness

Oh boy.
When I read about pregnancy, pre-pregnancy I didn’t think much of it. A bit of nausea? Easy! I survived the norovirus in schools (barely), I can cope with a little bit of feeling sick.

I really want to slap my past self for thinking that.

At 12 weeks into my own pregnancy, I feel ‘green’ – no other word can describe it. It feels like I have motion sickness, but all the time. Even in bed at night. The knock on effect of that is my lack of sleep, which in turn runs me down and makes me weak – again, fuelling that sick feeling.
I really did feel like I was under such a cloud of sickness and exhaustion, I’ve felt nothing like it before.
I’ve been battling this since week 9, but I just carried on trying to ignore the fact it was impacting on my health – I’d go to work, take frequent trips to the bathroom and get through the day. Some days I won’t actually vomit – I just feel on the very cusp of doing so every hour of every day. Other days, I can’t stop bringing everything up, from my breakfast to sips of water.

I relented and made an appointment with my GP this week, on a day where nothing was staying inside. I sat in his office on the verge of tears because I was so frustrated – and embarrassed – at having to explain to him I was there because of ‘morning sickness’, a symptom of pregnancy most women encounter and deal with without even breaking a sweat. Thankfully, instead of turning me away and telling me to get over it, he sympathised and congratulated me for making the step to coming in – immediately prescribing some anti-sickness medication. He initially wanted me on bed rest for 2 weeks, but a few days in I feel much better than I did before. I’ve been able to get some sleep, I’ve been able to get some food and water in my belly and that in turn is such a positive.

‘Severe Morning Sickness’ is what I’m experiencing. Or rather, Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Judging by the write ups that this condition has, I’m really glad I made the choice to visit the GP when I did – I don’t see my Midwife for another week, by that point I’d have been in a complete mess! Apparently HG is caused by the changing hormones during pregnancy, and effects 1 in every 100 women – and the earlier you begin treatment, the better chance the medication has of taking effect quickly. It isn’t a sign of weakness, and don’t compare your pregnancy to other women during theirs – see your GP and get some help.

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