Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

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Yes, they still a way away yet, but those summer holidays are starting to loom in the distance. That means many people are beginning to scratch their heads and think about what they can do with the little one to break up those long summer weeks and keep them entertained. In fact, coming up with enough ideas can be a real brain teaser. But keep reading, as there are some suggestions below that you can use with my blessing.

One of the most fun things to do with the kids in the holidays is to allow them to express their creative sides. Of course how you do this is up to you, but you may want to think about the amount of space you have, and how much mess you are willing to clear up before deciding on an activity.

On the low clear up end of the scale, why not download them a drawing program for their smartphone or iPad, which they can use with a stylus? Then they can create and even use real painting techniques without creating any mess at all.
Or, if you are up for something more hands on, why not make use of the hopefully, sunny weather and take the little ones outside to do some bubble painting in the garden?

Another way of breaking the holidays up into more manageable chunks is to book a summer trip abroad.
Many families pack up their suitcases, grab their suncream, and their shades at the end of July, into August in readiness for a summer break. But travelling with kids is very different to travelling as a couple or alone. There is so much to prepare before you go and so much to think about. It can actually be pretty stressful.
To minimise the stress as much as possible, it’s best to can be well prepared before you go. That means deciding which items of clothing to take, and getting them washed and ironed in plenty of time. It also means sorting out any documentation like Visas, Visa waivers or international travel insurance before you go. So you have less to worry about while you are on your trip.


Now, it may be that you’d love to go on a two week all inclusive, where the kids can play in the pool all the time. But your finances just can’t stretch that far. However, don’t worry as all is not lost. You can still break up the monotony of the holidays by taking more affordable mini breaks in the UK.

There are some fantastic places to explore in this fair isle. Including the beautiful windswept North, the amazing coastal areas, the exciting and bustling major cities of Manchester, Liverpool, and London.

It can also be a great boredom breaker to arrange individual days out during the summer. As this give you all something to look forward to and will stop cabin fever setting in.

Try activities like zoos, farms and theme parks for maximum fun. Or you could even try some famous historical site with castles and forts to look around.

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