The Real World Skills That Can Help You Blog

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To be a successful blogger you need to have a number of computer-based skills. You need to know your way around the platform you use to blog, for starters. You need to know how to upload both text and images. You also need knowledge about how to blog. You need to know what it is that resonates with your audience, and you need to know how to maintain their attention. But these computer- and blogging-based skills aren’t the only tools you are going to need if you want your blog to be a roaring success. No, there are a number of other skills and tools you will need, and these are only learned AFK (away from the keyboard). Read on to discover just how these AFK skills can help you turn your blog from ‘just another blog’ into ‘the blog’.


Business acumen

Yes, to be a successful blogger you will need a degree of business acumen. And yes, you don’t necessarily have to own a business or even work in a business to have such acumen! By teaching yourself as best you can about the world of business, and then seeing your blog as a business, you will soon find roaring success with it. By learning how to communicate in a business-like manner. By adopting a business etiquette with how you go about the upkeep of your blog. By giving vast amounts of attention to the presentation of your blog, i.e. by ensuring correct spelling and grammar. And by managing the time put into your blogging venture as if it were a business venture. By doing all of these things, and by implement them into your life as a blogger correctly, your blog will soon garner you great results. So, get yourself on a business skills course, such as that which is provided by, and get yourself the entrepreneurial skills needed to make your blog a success. And don’t forget to always see your blog as if it were a business.

Customer service
Customer service is a skill learned AFK, but it is a skill that can help you find success when blogging. It can do so because at the heart of customer service are the specific skills needed to create connections. And what better thing for your blog is there than having its audience connect with it? When this happens you know your blog is on the right path simply because it helps to maintain an audience. Therefore, it helps to maintain views to your blog and ultimately whatever that brings you, whether it be financial revenue or just pride. So, you should start bolstering your customer service skills AFK, asap, if you want to be able to connect to your audience. To do so, you should give great precedence to a few very specific aspects of the overarching skill that is customer service. You should seek to learn as much as you can about making a killer first impression. You should learn about just what is needed in order to maintain relationships that you garner. You should learn how to maintain the attitude that allowed you to harness the relationship in the first place. You should learn how to read the signs of a genuinely interested audience member, and one that is not so genuine. And you should learn how to deal with queries and the points of view of other people, even when they are completely different to your own. By doing so you will see the connection with your audience improve twofold.

When risks aren’t taken in life, progression isn’t made. When you don’t ask that special someone out on a date, how can you expect to get in a relationship with them? When you don’t change jobs in order to get on a more suitable career path, how can you expect to climb the career ladder? When you don’t do things to stand out to your boss at work, how can you expect them to notice you, let alone promote you? Risk-taking is a necessary action if you want to make a success of your life, and it is a necessary action if you want to make a success of your blog too. Why? Well there are a number of reasons that help attest to this. One is that risk-taking can help you to upload more daring pieces. It is only the daring pieces that stand out from the rest, and therefore it is only the blogs that have such pieces posted on them that stand out from their competition. Another reason is that it allows you to get over any barrier, whether you know the barrier is there or not, when it comes to actual uploading pieces — no matter how daring they are. The blogs that are consistently active that show themselves to be click-worthy to the audience are the ones that garner the most success. So, you need to learn to take risks and pass the barriers that stop you from uploading to your blog every single day.

Even though the skills above are attained AFK, it doesn’t mean that the tools they provide you with can’t be extracted and used in your quest to create the best blog going. If blogging is a way of life for you, then changing the way you live your life in order to facilitate the upkeep of your blog is something that you should most definitely attempt. Whether this means working on your business acumen. Whether it means giving your customer service skills a revamp. Or whether it means learning to take risks more often. If you do these things and implement them into your daily life, you will soon see that the way you blog improves. And when the way you blog improves, your blog will improve. And when your blog improves, so does your chances of getting whatever it is that you want to get out of it. So, if you want to be a blogger and are just starting out on your venture, make sure to take heed of the advice above right off the bat!
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