Visiting America Soon? Here Are Some Places You Don’t Want to Miss

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If you’re planning on visiting the United States in the next few months for summer, then there are probably countless locations on your list that you want to visit. It’s difficult to narrow it down to just a handful of choices and the States isn’t a place that you want to visit just once. You’ll have to visit dozens of times to get the most out of everything, so to start you off, here’s a list of locations to visit in America that you don’t want to miss.


Colorado is home to Denver, the ‘mile high ‘city that is filled with museums and sports stadiums, which is also the capital of this beautiful state. There are national parks to explore and even locations to go skiing. It’s easy to visit as well. There are plenty of connecting flights and you can even visit the jewel of Colorado, Aspen via application website. With so much to do and so many sights to see in Colorado, you’ll find yourself lost in the natural beauty and entertainment.


Florida is a state that many people know about. There’s Orlando, home to Walt Disney World and also Universal Studios. There’s the iconic Miami, famous for its beaches and art. Florida is a beautiful location that has inspired many classic American television shows, but it’s also a magical place to take the children due to the numerous kid-friendly attractions on offer. This makes it the perfect family holiday destination and it’s a state not to be missed while your children are still young.


Texas is actually the second largest state in the United States. Its location gives it scorching hot temperatures, and it’s also one of the most multicultural states thanks to its Spanish influences. Of course, we can’t forget that it’s also home to Space Center Houston, an iconic landmark for anyone that’s interested in space travel. With so much history in this state, it’ll be like taking a trip through the past as you explore all of the beautiful sights and sounds.

New York

New York is an iconic location that can’t be missed on your journey through America. It’s home to the statue that everyone knows and loves—the Statue of Liberty. In addition, you’ll also get to tour the bustling streets of New York in bus tours, and there’s also Central Park to visit, an important and interesting location that lays at the heart of New York. With so many different cultures blending into a single city, you’ll be spoiled for choice for what you want to eat as well.


How could we forget Nevada? Perhaps the most popular destination in Nevada is Las Vegas, known for its incredible nightlife and enormous casinos. If you plan to come to Las Vegas, then make sure you’re financially prepared because no one leaves without spending a least a bit of money at the tables or machines. But if gambling isn’t for you, then don’t forget that there are plenty of beaches, luxury resorts and even museums.

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