A Day At Drayton Manor, Tamworth

The summer holidays have begun here in the UK, and we decided to get ours off to an active start with a visit to the Drayton Manor theme park in Tamworth. This all happened because it was Tristan’s birthday this week, and we gave him the choice of any theme park in the UK – both he and Mike love rollercoasters and eventually it was decided that Drayton Manor was the place he wanted to go.

The great thing about
this particular theme park is that it isn’t just rollercoasters and thrill rides – one section of the park is also a zoo, which meant that pregnant animal lover me could happily go exploring too. I actually didn’t mind following the boys either, because unlike some park like Alton Towers there are benches positioned around the park meaning I could usually take a seat and watch them (or take sneaky photographs) – I didn’t have to stand up for huge periods of time, easing the pressure on my hips.

We actually arrived at around 9am, and the rides weren’t due to operate until 10.30am so we had plenty of time to go collect our tickets from the ticket booth or visit the toilets. As I mention in the vlog, we came on a day that a lot of schools had booked for the day so we waited at the gates surrounded by loud teenagers. It wasn’t the best, but thankfully we were allowed into the park at 10am! This was great for us as we wanted to have a stroll around the park at our own pace and plan the route we wanted to take, unfortunately for groups of unaccompanied teenagers that meant they were unsupervised and up to no good. We had to approach security at one point as these groups were pulling down the soft toys at the fairground stalls, and stealing them – when approached directly and nicely, they laughed at us and mocked us. Not really the best start, but security were proactive and headed off in that direction – and the park got back to me immediately on Twitter asking where the trouble was and reassuring me that they’d send extra patrols that way.

We did end up spending a lot – A LOT – of money on one particular stall. Nothing to do with the huge white goat which I fell in love with and told Mike if he loved me he’d win one for me. We ended up having to walk away with a tiny version – a goat is a goat right?!

After spending far too much time on the various game stalls available, we actually went for something to eat. I had the choice of deciding that day due to me being pregnant (don’t come between a pregnant woman and her food) so naturally, my hormones decided on the pizza and pasta place. Now, it wasn’t great.. But it was filling, reasonably priced for a theme park and fast.

The meal we got is above: two pizzas, two pasta pots, a small tub of beans, a small tub of coleslaw and four portions of wedges with four drinks for £22. Like I said, it wasn’t great – but it was filling and fast, and we were heading to the zoo afterwards so I wanted to shove this food in my face and move on as fast as I could.

How gorgeous are these little guys? We visited on a dreary day where the weather wouldn’t make up its mind – it was sunny and warm, then we got drenched in a monsoon the next moment so we didn’t see a lot of the big cats.. But the primates didn’t hide away, they were out and drawing the crowds simply by being themselves.

Now, I know you want to know about the rides – but you’ll have to wait for our upcoming vlog for that one. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, or watch out on Twitter as I’ll announce it when it goes live!

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