Good Music, Good Food & Good Friends – The Perfect Barbeque!

Summer means beach parties, adventures on the coast and good old barbeques. Is there anything better than getting out the grill and relaxing with your nearest and dearest as the smell of dinner fills the air? I think not. As well as some of my favourite dishes, there are a few things a summer barbeque just cannot do without – obviously, sometimes the good weather isn’t always possible but you can certainly give the day a great vibe!

Good Music

Music can make or break a good night at a barbeque – make a varied summery playlist and accept that some of the songs won’t be completely up your street. Whether you have a docking station you use for your outdoor entertainment, or a stereo system from indoors with a window open.. Make sure you add that extra spark of life to the party! I recommend a Panasonic Speaker System, wireless and easy to use they’re built to last through summer and into years to come.

Remember to consider your neighbours when enjoying your night – nobody likes in irresponsible neighbour, and children in close vicinity certainly won’t have as much stamina as you. At certain times of day you have a legal responsibility to keep the noise down!

Good Food
Food is the focal point of any barbeque – I love preparing my favourite pulled chicken recipe as well as some more traditional staples of the grill – steaks, chicken drumsticks and some grilled chicken breast.
Even with the grill being a meat-dominated affair, I’m quite happy to put some vegetable skewers or seafood on for the more partial as not everyone enjoys a slab of steak – something to keep in mind when entertaining. Lighter options are things like coleslaw, jacket potatoes and corn on the cob, perfect for smaller appetites.

Good Friends
When it comes to a barbeque, you can have friends by the dozen or just your nearest and dearest – whichever you choose its bound to be a hit on a hot summers night. If celebrating with friends, make sure you have some beers in the fridge and some wine cooled – and for the smaller ones, perhaps some home made fruit coolers for quenching some younger thirsts.
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