UK Vacations: 3 Cities Everyone Should Visit

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Taking a vacation in the UK is a big goal for people in the US and Europe. They see the British people and their aristocracy on TV and love the idea of checking it out for themselves. That helps to explain why the country welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer –  it’s not the best place to go if you enjoy lazing around on beaches and getting a tan, however, the nation is steeped in history and it once had the largest empire on the planet. So, there are many interesting sights and things to see during your stay. Today, I’m going to discuss three cities that all travellers should consider.

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Lots of people overlook Wales and Scotland when they visit the UK. I think that’s because it’s quite a long drive from the capital. However, you can catch a plane for next to nothing if you book at the right time. Edinburgh is a beautiful city where the wealthiest Scottish people reside. There is a lot of stunning architecture and ancient history to discover. Tourists can buy tickets for castle tours and more. It’s an essential stop on any serious UK trip, and so it’s sensible to make arrangements as soon as possible. Just bear in mind that Scotland is usually a little colder than England. So, you’ll need to wrap up warm.


Birmingham is England’s second largest city, and most overseas travellers never pay it a visit. The location is home to one of the largest shopping districts in the country. Anyone who wants to pick up the latest fashions during their stay should check out the Bullring. There is also a fantastic nightlife in Birmingham where you will find almost every different type of music. Thanks to Jamaican immigration during the 1950s, the city has a vibrant culture. Indeed, the influence of Jamaican traditions is noticeable everywhere. If you want to meet some real English people and find out what their lives are like, Birmingham is a vital stop on your trip.


London is a stunning city that’s home to the Queen and Parliament. Prices are often higher than anywhere else in the country. For that reason, it makes sense to find homestay accommodation rather than booking a hotel. At the end of the day, you’ll need as much cash as possible to get around and purchase attraction tickets. Nothing is more fun than taking a boat trip down the Thames river with a tour guide. You can also spend time checking out the best views of the city from The London Eye. Taking a stroll to Buckingham Palace doesn’t cost anything, and you might even get to see the Lady herself.

Whenever you fly to the UK, make sure you visit all the places mentioned in this post. If you overlook any of these areas, you’re going to miss out on an exciting experience. I hope you’ve benefited from this article, and that you will now have a better time during your trip. At the end of the day, the UK is an important country on the global scene. I think more people should take the time to spend a few nights there. Enjoy!

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