Fight Fat with Fun

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If working out feels like too much hard work and it’s starting to discourage you from getting fit and losing that excess weight, it could be time to remind yourself that burning calories can actually be fun. You don’t have to run yourself into an early grave or spend every spare moment in the gym to drop a few pounds; it’s perfectly possible to fight fat with fun. Here are a few ways you can do just that:
Make Play Your Exercise
Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean that we can no longer play like we did when we were kids. Things like jumping ropes, going for a fun bike ride in the local park and playing catch are all perfectly good forms of exercise that can be done at any age. If you have kids, replace your time in the gym playing actively with them. They’ll love the extra attention, and you’ll be having fun and burning calories.
Get Your Groove On
Dancing is fun, right? It’s also a fantastic calorie burner. Whether you’re strutting your stuff to your favourite pop songs when no one’s looking, taking a salsa class or following a Zumba dance session with the pros, you will be increasing your fitness and fighting your excess fat without it feeling like a chore. In fact, after a good dance session, instead of feeling tired and bored, you’ll feel energized and pumped up!
Hula Hooping
Fitness hula hooping has become very popular in recent years, and I’m almost certain that it’s because it is so much fun. It’s also pretty easy to do it alone at home. All you need to get started is a weighted hula hoop and some time. Of course, going to a class where you can learn new tips and techniques and meet new people is, even more, fun if you’re the outgoing type.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, don’t make yourself miserable sweating away in the gym when you could burn more calories by going on an enjoyable, long hike in nature every weekend. Not only will you lose weight and tone up but you’ll see some amazing sights, breathe in fresh air, rather than sweaty gym smells, and most importantly of all, enjoy being active. It’s a no-brainer.
Go Bowling
If you hate the gym, but you love to bowl, you might be interested to know that you could burn between 216 and 327 calories for every hour you spend bowling. If you do this a few times a week, along with some of the other suggestions on this list, it could help you to fight your fat for a slimmer you soon.

Rollerblading and skating is making somewhat of a comeback what with roller derby events and rollerblading troupes becoming more popular, which is good news because, not only is it an immense amount of fun, but it is also a pretty good calorie burner, burning up 545-818 calories per hour!

If weight loss is starting to feel like a chore,switch it up with some of these fun fat fighter’s and you’ll be all in again.

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