How To Be Good To The Person Delivering Your Parcels

So, as a blogger.. I get a lot of parcels. A lot. Some days I miss them, I have to take a small stack of red cards to the post office much to their amusement. Over the last few months, I’ve had a pretty good insight into how the world of parcel delivery works – thanks to that, I’m sharing ways you can make your deliveries go smoothly.

Some of these are pretty self explanatory, but we just don’t take them into consideration as we don’t do that particular line of work each and every day.

Try have a house number! You wouldn’t believe how many people simply don’t. Even if a number is on your wheelie bin in the front yard, its something. Otherwise, your driver has to work out where you are from your neighbours – and the problem only concertinas into more of an issue if they too don’t have numbers. Not all streets are odds on one side, even on the other.. And not all streets are a continuous block of houses. Have some compassion! You can buy door numbers for £1.30 per number from Wilko.

On the same note..

Use your house number if you have one, not your house name.. This is for businesses really. We know your business is called ‘GREEN’ but you don’t have any signage – please put your address down as well as the business name.
Waiting on a food box? Make sure you have a ‘safe place’ specified! HelloFresh, Goustobox, any of the boxes that contain perishable food inside.. When you signed up for the service, they asked you to make sure you have somewhere safe the box can be left if you aren’t in. Because the box contains fresh food, it has to be left – if that has to be roadside (your driver will always look for somewhere discreet) then so be it. You said you had somewhere discreet and easy to find – its your prerogative!
Some delivery drivers are dog people, its okay! You don’t need to hold back your four pugs for fear of any legal action. Some drivers would quite like to be the bottom of a pug pile. Just please make sure your pups aren’t going to get under their feet – heavy steel toe caps and tired drivers mean sometimes they just don’t want to be stepping on a pooch!
They can’t stand and chat… Sometimes, it looks like your driver may be in a hurry. That’s because he has a window of two to three minutes to take your signature and get on his way – and that’s from him getting out of the van and includes the time he uses to get your parcel from his van!
I hear or see a lot of complaints on twitter and the like – but some can be easily explained. I’m not going to tell you why a driver left a parcel in your bin and its bin day – I’ve never encountered someone who can explain that. But I can address some issues!
“My driver is sat outside not doing anything, so rude!” Actually, your driver has a slot allocated to your parcel. If that window is at 10.30am, then he or she cannot hand over the parcel before then – the system won’t allow it. So don’t fret, they’re just waiting on the slot to happen so you aren’t awkwardly chatting over a parcel.
“I got a card through even though I left instructions!” Sometimes, you have to be there for your delivery. Sometimes, it has to be you. That isn’t your drivers fault, they’re just safeguarding your parcel and goods as best as they can.
“He/She wouldn’t tell me where yesterdays delivery went! #useless!” Possibly because they have the pleasure of delivering your parcel today. Someone else was in your area yesterday, not them. Also, despite working for a delivery company I assure you they don’t get a working knowledge of where every parcel in the UK is at any given time – just the route they’ve been given for the day.
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