Mojo Mom: Finding Your Va Va Voom After Having Your Baby

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Someone once told me something that I would never forget, “If your life doesn’t change then something is wrong.” When you are pregnant, you can do all the reading what to expect during pregnancy articles possible and buying all the gadgets you may need, but nothing can truly prepare you for just how much life will change from the very moment your baby is first passed to you. It is like flicking a switch – your life is just changed forever.
The biggest changes are your place on the pecking order and the amount of responsibility you now have. Everything you do from this day on – everything you think about – will be for your little bundle of joy. That said, moms, it is so important that you allow yourself some focus and boost how you feel too. In fact, finding your mojo again after birth is one of the best presents you can ever give your baby because that is the personality they will emulate.
And here is how you can get your mojo back.

Give Yourself A Break, Mom

Before you had a baby, life was probably quite easy to manage. You knew where to be at what time, you knew what needed to be done, what to expect and what your strengths were to achieve all this. Now that you are a mom, though, you are faced with a huge promotion. You have the responsibility of looking after a little person in every way possible and around the clock and with no one to show you the ropes. It is absolutely no surprise you feel like you are treading water in the middle of a stormy ocean. So give yourself a break. Stop being so tough on yourself and accept it is okay to not be sure about everything. You are doing better than you think.


Do Something You Love Each Week
Finding the person you were before you had a baby is one of the most important parts of finding your mojo again. So whatever you loved doing before, you should try and do at least once a week. It could be taking salsa classes again, or getting back into yoga, or taking up cooking with the same passion you once had. It could be setting up an easel and painting once a week, or writing children’s stories or anything. Anything at all. All of this will help you find your Va Va Voom, but allow yourself time. It can take a few months for you to find the time, routine and energy again. But once the stars start to align, mark it on your calendar each week and ask your partner to motivate you. This will remind you of who you are.

Reset Your Expectations A Little

Before your baby was here, it was easy to go to the gym before work, have a productive morning, head out for lunch with your colleagues, do the grocery shopping on the way home, cook dinner, and nip out for a glass of wine last-minute. This can all disappear after a baby, though, and that can leave you feeling quite isolated. As such, make a rule that you will do one thing with your baby each day as a means of resetting your expectations. Take her to that yoga class you liked, or head to the local park, go to a baby class, drop in and see a family member, see what a mom friend is up to. These will help with any isolated feelings. It may not sound like much on paper, but it will feel like a hike up Mount Everest to you. It will give you a sense of success and that will help you get back to who you are.
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