7 Of The Best Halloween Cocktails!

Today as part of the Blogtober series, I’m sharing some of my favourite cocktails that have a spooky ‘Halloween’ vibe. Obviously, its well documented I don’t drink – but it doesn’t mean my friends don’t, and some of these cocktails look so beautiful it would be a complete travesty not to share them with you.

These Black Magic Jello Shots are an amazing addition to any Halloween get together – shared by Breadboozeandbacon.com! Laced with vodka and topped with a haunting sprinkle of black sugar, they’ll be a real treat for all grown ups on that frightening night. After a night of trick or treating, I’m sure they’ll be in high demand!

Okay, I partially shared this because I’m really psyched up for the new season of The Walking Dead, but seriously. Cravingsofalunatic.com has created some shots based on the walkers from the hit TV show – as well as a whole host of other recipes as part of a Walking Dead themed recipe link up. The main base for this is Merlot, with a spike of Cointreau and pomegranate juice – all finished off with sliced oranges for garnish. Perfect!

Would this be a Blogtober post if pumpkins didn’t feature?

Thought not.

This Hard Cider Pumpkin Float is the creation of dineanddish.net – easily re-creatable with your own twist if you so desire. Warming and comforting, this drink would be perfect to banish those witching hour blues!

Elletalk.com has entranced me completely with her stunning Black Magic cocktail. A play on the classic Cherry Martini, this beautiful take features black vodka and a rather special, sparkly, secret ingredient. I’m sure this drink would light up any woman’s life who has her inner Morticia Adams locked away inside.

I slipped another pumpkin one in! I love pumpkins and wish I could indulge year round, but I make up for it during the autumn season where we never go without one. This Pumpkin Punch by Honestyyum.com looks like it has popped straight from the pages of a Harry Potter novel. With the option of serving this spiced rum based concoction straight from a giant pumpkin, what can’t you love about it?

Another black vodka based cocktail – this time the Black Heart. Dashed with a helping of fig vodka too, this classy yet one-hell-of-a-statement drink is perfect for all the evil queens and wicked stepmothers looking to celebrate this year.

Last but certainly not least, is the Blackberry Sage Magarita – shared by wickedspatula.com. Silver tequila is the main component of this alchemic mixture, and it features the unique talking point of burning sage which adds a new dimension to the flavour profile. A talking point of any creepy get together, I’m sure!

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