The Best Horror Youtube Channels To Get You Ready For Halloween 2017…

I. Love. Horror.
I love the macabre. The strange. The odd and the freaky. The nonsensical and the challenging.
Its something I’ve loved since I was small, cramming my bookshelves with various books on the paranormal and unexplained things – and that hasn’t abated now that I’m thirty years old.
Starting with something a little lighter (well, the presenters are light – the subjects are not) with Buzzfeed. The guys do a True Crime series, and a Supernatural series – both are worth checking out as they take on a lighter side to the subject matter without being disrespectful. I ended up watching pretty much all of season one the same night because I was hooked – and its one of the only channels I’ve subscribed to so I can see the uploads they set live as they happen!

Rob Dyke – Seriously Strange
Another favourite of mine, the Seriously Strange series is just that – seriously strange. Some of the videos might not be to everyone’s tastes, so make sure you look before you click – but this playlist will definitely challenge the way you think. Rob also has a number of different channels, some targeting ‘Things You Shouldn’t Put On The Internet’ and much more, I recommend you check them out.

Cayleigh Elise – Dark Matters
I found Cayleigh through a series she was doing about unsolved disappearances – professional, compassionate and very eloquent with the way she phrases such issues I instantly became a fan. As she always signs off the end her videos: “though these may be dark matters, the darkness always matters.”

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