This year, I’ve taken on the ‘Blogtober‘ challenge.
That basically means that every day this month, I’ll be posting something new here on the blog – I have lots of different things lined up from fashion articles to spookier, more Halloween themed content so I’m looking forward to getting to share all that with you.
I do love October – I’m a winter baby so when Autumn begins to creep in I feel much more at home. The photographs I’m sharing today, are from a few years ago in Yorkshire – Hirst Wood in Saltaire to be exact. Hirst Wood is one of my childhood haunts, where I used to run around the woods with one of my closest friends pretending to be a Pokémon trainer. When summer has created an enchanting world of bloom and greenery, everything starts taking on a more rusty hue – and one of my favourite days was caught on camera.

Running through the woods are a number of different veins – the river Aire, the Leeds/Liverpool Canal and the railway each carve their paths through the woodland – although in the thickest areas you would never know.

I’m yet to find a place in Merseyside that captures my autumnal heart as much as Hirst Wood does, but hopefully I can travel up for another wander this year before it becomes a little bit of a no mans land with mud and ice taking over the pathways!
As much as I do love winter, there is something distinctly unappealing about wet feet and muddy, crusty shoes – I haven’t had chance to reinvest in any winter boots either (I’m keeping an eye out for comfortable pregnancy-friendly boots this year) so I won’t be adventuring too hard just yet.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is part of the Blogtober series. I’m going to do my best to keep to a schedule, and I have wonderful things planned for each and every day – but please bare with me if I do fall behind. I’ll try not to keep you waiting for too long!
This post is part of She & Life’s Blogtober Series!


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