Where Is The Love In A World Like Ours?

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In today’s society, there is just so much hate going on. Whether that be with the horrible terrorism, North Korea and the USA nearly at war, or the horrible hate crimes… This hate is spreading through families, friends, relationships, etc. So in a world with so many negative things happening. Why don’t we start showing some love to the people around us, with these simple little ways to bring joy to those closest to you.


Family should mean everything to you; they’re there when nobody else will be. They know you as deeply as no one else can. They have so much love for you, and you for them. Yet family squabbles are breaking them apart in minutes. Before firing off at each other, remember that whatever it is that’s troubling you, it probably won’t even matter in a few weeks time. Think before you say hurtful things, especially to your parents or guardians. Spend quality time with each other, rather than being locked away in your room. Tell them you love and appreciate them all as often as you. Suggest exciting family outings, whether it is just for some nice food, or a day out at a theme park. Anything to get you spending time together will do.


Relationships are probably the single most source of pain in your life. Unless you’re in one of those magical miracle relationships that’s mainly unicorns and rainbows floating around. But being realistic, every relationship has it’s issues. So show each other you love one another while you can. Whether it simply being spending time cuddled up without a film without being glued to your phones. Or a nice romantic walk where you can talk openly, surrounded by beautiful scenery. For all you girls reading, show your man some love!! It’s all too easy for our generation to stereotype that the girl should always be the one treated to nice things. But they have feelings and need to feel loved too. Have a think of some gift ideas for him, and how him how much you truly love him. You might get a cheeky Nandos out of it too!


Now, this can be a sensitive subject. It’s so easy to have fall outs within your friendship groups. Girls more so than boys, but when it does happen, it’s devastating. It’s most likely that if one friend falls out with you, they all do. So don’t let it get to that stage. Treat each other kindly, don’t gossip about each other behind one another’s backs. You wouldn’t like it being done to you remember. Tell each other how important you all are to each other’s lives. Just like with relationships, friendships need to hear that too. Meet up once or twice a week and do what you do best, gossip, eat junk food, cry that you’ve eaten so much junk food, and watch a good girly film. Even treat each other to a cheeseburger or two now and then. Showing appreciation to you friends is just as important as with any one. Like with your family, they’ll be there for you when things such as relationships crash down, nobody will be as important.

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