Beating The Winter Blues In Style This Autumn/Winter!

Winter has well and truly wrapped itself around England right now, so when I was invited to get a few pieces of clothing for Mike I knew I had to wrap him up for winter. He’s actually quite a difficult person to buy for in all honesty – his go-to pieces are often practical, worn to be utilised not to just look pretty.
Together, we went through and picked out an outfit that he could really get to grips with, throughout the autumn/winter season.

As you can see, its a very multi purpose and versatile ensemble – perfect for winter walks, Sunday snooker practice and going out to the pub for a good old fashioned meal no matter what time of the week it is. With a little one on the way and potentially an early start to next year pushing a pram for the two of us, we knew investing in cosy, weatherproof items would be the best thing for us to do!
The knit is a Williams & Brown product, which means it doesn’t break the bank but doesn’t scrimp on the overall quality. It was on sale when we got hold of one, which meant for the very purse-friendly sum of £15.50 Mike has a jumper he can rely on during the winter months.
Another good, wearable item are the Mish Mash Ricardo Slim Fit Jeans – I’m a huge fan of dark blue denim, and despite being washed a few times these have held the colour well – usually, it starts to leak and fades really quickly which leaves me reaching for the Dylon. The denim is also quite thick but offers a little bit of stretch, meaning they aren’t restrictive which some slim fit jeans invariably are.
We did pay £50 for the quality of these, so I’m really glad it paid off – these will be a favourite well into spring and summer, never mind the autumn/winter seasons.

My personal favourite.

The Flintoff range is a new line at Jacamo, and I probably urged Mike to get these more than I should as I’m a bit of a Freddie Fan! These are the Olive Green Chukka Boots, not made for hiking or long distances but perfect for when you need to look smart without going overboard.

I did lean towards the darker coloured pair, but on arrival these did convert me to the olive side. At £35, I’m sure we bagged a bargain as the stitching and materials used for these are incredibly high quality and made to last – even if they do need to be broken in a little to make them comfortable.

We also decided to splurge on a new winter coat. We splurged a few years ago and wore our last ones to death, so having the opportunity to pick a long-lasting, pocket friendly jacket was too good to pass up! We settled on this one, for £18 in the sale.

This Snowdonia 3-in-1 Jacket is windproof and waterproof which means no matter what the season throws at us it will do him well, especially as it has a removable fleece lining. It has a number of pockets for hiding gadgets away (phone, camera, video camera..) which are secure and waterproof, giving me peace of mind that we aren’t going to lose anything when we are out and about.

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