The October 2017 Glossybox – Be A Unicorn In A Field Of Horses!

October is the month of ghouls and nasties… But not at Glossybox HQ. This month was the month of great debate – Unicorn or Mermaid?!
I decided to give my pregnant, egg-shaped Mamma self a treat and subscribed to Glossybox this month – at £10.00 a month (with £3.25 of post and packaging) I don’t think its too heavy on the purse, and to be honest? I really looked forward to receiving this in the post!
If you’ve never subscribed before, basically makeup and beauty lovers can receive a box of themed goodies in the post – Glossybox boasts 4 full sized products in their boxes at least. This month as you’ll see, there are five full sized products, and the overall price of the products contained are more than the subscription price each and every month. What isn’t to love, right?

Emblazoned with my offering, it was pretty easy for me to suss I had been chosen to receive one of the coveted Unicorn boxes. I really liked the box, under the lid was a quote: “be a unicorn in a field of horses” and it really did make me smile. Obviously, this box is pink, red and purple toned as opposed to the greenish blue tones of the mermaid box.. But lets go inside shall we?

On opening, the box was presented in the usual Glossybox fashion – sealed with a sticker and a bow. I do like the detailed touch Glossybox do add to boxes – sometimes adding sequins or glitter depending. I was greeted by shredded blue paper this time, to protect my goodies from being mishandled during the shipping process.

First, we have the Lord and Berry Magic Brow Pencil (RRP £14) – pictured is brunette.

I love eyebrow products, I tend not to stray from my Illamasqua Brow Cake very often but I have used the Lord and Berry product a few times now. Conveniently, it is in pencil form and the tones are marbled so you can get a really natural effect.. I prefer a structured look that you can achieve with a brush easily, so the Illamasqua one still wins out for me but I find having this pencil in my bag is perfect for when I need to touch up my brows. Very handy during the winter months!

The next item is the Sleek Crème To Powder Blush in Crimson (RRP £5.99). I love Sleek blush products – I usually stick to the Suede Blush, but I have slowly come to love this new vivid shade. Used sparingly, you can build up a lovely rosy glow, and adding a little gold touch really does make it shine. Obviously, the crème based formula means this is a very vivid, highly pigmented blush that shouldn’t be slapped on – take your time, otherwise you might look more like a festive elf!

The Bang Cosmetics Crème Colour in Dolce Pink (RRP $22)  is next on our list – I’ve used this as a bit of a highlighting accent as it really is very pink, but it prides itself on being ‘multi use’ as is perfect for eyes, lips and cheeks. I don’t usually wear much on my eyes as I don’t suit eye shadows, but I can definitely see this being a new go-to highlighter for nights out.

Now, this might not be a cosmetic item – but it’s a handy one. The Kawaii Enterprise Egg Brush Cleanser (RRP £7.99) slips onto your fingers and allows you to get to grips with your grimy makeup brushes when it comes to cleaning day. Glossybox have even provided a cute little tutorial to show you how its done – no excuses to have dirty brushes now, people!

The final product, is this Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns (RRP £4). A palette absolutely bursting with colour, the colours are fairly pigmented and easy to blend. I found that some lightened a lot when it came to swatching, so you may need to work these in the pan a little before they transfer completely. Again, I can’t really comment too much on these as I’m not one to use eye-shadow – if you’ve used this palette, what do you think?

You can see that excluding the Bang Cosmetics item (as I can’t find a UK supplier!) the box totals at around £32 for the other four items.. And the only one I probably won’t use is the £4 palette. I’m really impressed, and can’t wait for the November box to turn up – Glossybox has restored my faith in subscription boxes!

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