Public Transport With A Newborn

Public transport doesn’t fill me with confidence on the best of days. Imagining battling through the forty five minute bus ride to my nearest town (St Helens, just as an FYI) filled me with dread and turned my skin cold. The unpredictability of having a newborn and other members of the public just sounds like hell to me – especially with my past dotted with social anxiety.

This week, I had some meetings in town and simply had to take Baby Button. It was the Buttons versus the Bus.

We survived.

As I can’t be the only one who suffered from a bit of first-time-travel-anxiety, I’m sharing my worries and how I dealt with them here. Some of these may be a touch irrational, but you can’t pick what you get the jitters over!

Getting On The Bus!

Then first hurdle in my mind was actually getting the pushchair onto the bus. Would I get stuck halfway? What if I couldn’t do it? I had vivid nightmares about the driver having to come help me!

Needless to say, I was just fine. Slight tilt of the pram as we got on but no rescue mission needed by the driver.

Knowing Where To Stand..

Oh no, hurdle two.

I’ve never watched how or where people with children in a pram actually stand. Which way does the pram go? Across the aisle? Parallel to the window?

I actually went with across the aisle in a fit of nerves, but got to grips with myself a few stops later and corrected. Parallel to the window is the way to go.

What If Baby Button Has A Meltdown?

I’ve read enough horror stories on the internet to know a child having a melt down on the bus is a terror-inducing scenario. What if the bus was filled with grumpy adults offering ‘advice*’? What if I couldn’t calm him?

I’d actually tried to prepare for this, putting our Lucy la Girafe Teether Toy (which was in our goody bag from the Smyths Toy Superstore event) in the changing bag as well as two bottles. Lucy has really come in handy lately as we tackle teething, so I brought her along. Because the teether has lots of different places to chew, we can usually find a comforting spot that hits exactly where Baby Button needs it to. Usually Lucy’s face. Sorry Lucy!

Baby Button sleeping amid chaos on the bus.

Baby Button actually slept on the bus. All the way into town, and all the way back again. I don’t know how, as at some points it sounded as though we had entered the apocalypse, but he did. I have no doubts that at some point, I’ll face that public-transport-meltdown I’m terrified of but.. That’s something I’ll deal with there and then.

All in all, I’m glad I tested myself. When I arrived back at home, I felt like some sort of superhuman just for surviving the trip out – but I can take absolutely no credit. Baby Button was an absolute dream and it really put me at ease!

*Advice: not the helpful, constructive kind.

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