How My Daily Outlook & Routine Has Changed With Motherhood

Motherhood has changed a lot. Lately as Baby Button has settled into something resembling a sleep routine I’m very aware my life has changed vastly and my morning routines are the foundation for that change. They’ve changed my whole outlook and daily structure – for the better.

A cup of lemon and water.

I used to be able to get up when I woke up – when I wasn’t working anyway. Usually between 9 and 10am, I’d come around and enjoy a little time in bed checking my phone and coming round to the day slowly. I’d probably have ten or fifteen minutes lazing around then head downstairs.

Downstairs, coffee would be first on the agenda. Then possibly some scrambled egg on toast, and some Youtube on our television.. Goodness how I took all that for granted. I didn’t have a set routine, I literally did what I wanted when I wanted to.

Looking back on these habits, they weren’t very productive.. I was a huge procrastinator and would often just binge watch shows on TV until I needed to move. Things would be done when I felt like it, such as chores and other household necessities – sometimes I’d even put them off until the next day for no real reason other than “I can’t be bothered”.

Black coffee.

Nowadays, things are very, very different.

Between 4am and 6am is the prime time for Baby Button to make sure I know it’s time to get up. At first he’d wake up and cry, but now he’s reached the twelve week mark he’s happy to lay in his cot staring at me through the bars while cooing. Much less stressful to wake up to – when a crying baby wakes you it’s a much more jolting, startling wakeup call which when you’ve slept probably an hour in the last four.. It grinds you down.

Priorities around that time changed too. Instead of the daily dose of caffeine being my main goal, I warm a bottle so Baby Button can have his morning fix too. I’m usually pretty good at making a coffee alongside this though, so not all creature comforts are completely lost.

As routines have taken hold, I’ve structured my time as much as I can so I can really get the most out of my day – while Baby Button gets to be priority all day every day.

When do I fit my work in?

Having Baby Button here I can’t just pick and choose when I’m motivated to blog – I get snatches of time here and there. I’m taking the portability of WordPress blogging and making the most of it via mobile – without Laura from Blogger2WP I wouldn’t be in this position and would be probably collecting dust.

Being able to have him snooze on my chest, or breastfeed while I update my blog is such a huge positive for me – the old Blogger interface/app used to make it incredibly difficult to blog on the go.. A shame as the platform itself is one I used for years and years without complaint.

Having a newborn has had its share of challenges, I’ll be the first to admit it. But in all honesty I’ve learned to appreciate time a lot more – structuring my day so he gets the absolute best of me, but making sure when he’s sleeping I get to keep ontop of daily chores and my blog. Is this what being organised feels like?

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  • I could have written this myself, literally! My daughter turned one recently and this past year I’ve realised that my life, my routine has changed so much and how much i use to take everything for granted before her! Great reflective post xx

    Soffy //

    • Thank you! I’m only 12 weeks in and while it’s been a tough old learning curve – it’s been for the better no matter how I look at it. I really don’t take my spare time for granted anymore!

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