Social Anxiety & Social Media

Oh the joys of social anxiety.

I’ve blogged about my struggle with it in the past, but the truth is.. It hasn’t featured on the blog lately because I feel I’ve conquered it. In person, I have my own ways of coping and while they don’t always work I’m much better with it now.

But in 2018, there’s another social monster lurking. This one you can’t just leave at work, or deal with when you have an event. This one is lurking in the depths of your pocket. It’s your social media.

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I recently cleaned out my Twitter and Instagram account. I followed no-one, until I added a sprinkle of people back and I’ll continue to do so over the next few months. Before I get jumped on for ‘playing games’, I would like to encourage you to read my post from last year doing the same thing. My social media is for my blog. It’s also for my enjoyment.

Over the year I tend to follow back, follow interesting accounts and generally end up collecting over 1,000 active accounts on both Twitter and Instagram – a high number that dilutes my feed to something incredibly impersonal. I’m not the type of person to check unfollowers so in a year I collect so much dead wood and it’s a horrible experience to log in and see a whole volley of advertisements – not personal tweets.

So each year I reduce my followings to 0 and build them back up again. It’s my coping mechanism and it’s worked for a few years now. It feels like a clean slate in spring time, and sets up the year ahead perfectly – and as the years go on, I find myself finding good friends who I add back right away.

Everyone has a coping method, and while they might not make much sense to everyone else – as long as it works for you then that’s all that matters.

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