Affordable Alternatives To Disposable Wipes

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll be aware that the British government have vowed to ban the useage of ‘wipes’ – the staple of a changing bag. They aim to eliminate disposable baby wipes in around 25 years – and it isn’t just limited to those you use on baby either. Makeup wipes, the cheap, convenient and time saving tool in a Mum’s arsenal are also in the same category.

While speciality websites such as The Nappy Lady have always had a huge interest in a more ‘green’ approach, they can be quite expensive. When I heard the end was nigh for disposable wipes, I began scouring the internet for affordable, practical alternatives.

What alternatives do we have?

Fabrics all piled up

Fleece Squares

A favourite of eco-concious Mums already, a fleece blanket (the IKEA Vitmossa blanket is £1.50!) can be cut up into squares and used as a wipe alternative. When I researched into this, people did admit fleece isn’t practical when it comes to dealing with any poo – the material is too slippery.

Flannel squares

These can be bought in the form of flannels, or made by cutting up old towels. Obviously some specialist stores online sell them as ‘reusable baby wipes’ if you prefer, but as a thrifty Mum I’ll be picking up some plain flannels when I next to shopping – Wilko sell flannels for as little as 35p!

Muslin Squares

I prefer to use muslin for spit up and general dribble, but some people swear by it for cleaning up after some nappy business too. I found the best place for muslin squares is Ebay, lots of sellers provide bundle deals and there is an endless choice of patterns and colours.

Microfiber Squares

Something between flannel and fleece in texture, some women swear by microfiber as their reusable wipe. Available at places such as Home Bargains and B&M (marketed as dishclothes or dusters), they fall into the affordable bracket. You can also buy bundles of microfiber squares from Ebay straight to your door!

Soaking Solutions

There are a few different solutions people have recommended that I’ve stumbled upon during my reading into this subject:

Baby shampoo and water is one of the most common, as almost all of us have baby shampoo at hand.

Baby shampoo, water and baby oil is another one – the oil added specifically for the fleece squares to help combat that ‘slippery’ issue.

Camomile tea is recommended for newborn or for children who are fighting nappy rash as the camomile soothes sore skin.

Camomile tea and two drops of lavender oil is for slightly older children as lavender oil can be an irritant if skin is sensitive. This is a soothing choice, the lavender providing a more relaxing element.

Your solutions can be mixed in a container and your choice of cloth stored in them. Change the situation at night of required, and obviously don’t put used clothes into the solution with your unused wipes. Toss them in the washing machine and pop them back into your clean wipes in the morning.

If you do decide to take the plunge and go green, remember: toss a Ziploc bag into your changing bag to store dirty wipes (there are some retailers who sell reusable nappy bags if you’d like to go completely green, but that could get costly – you can make gradual changes and make a difference) That way when you get home, you don’t have to dig through your bag – and your bag won’t be covered in any nasty surprises.

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