The Best Purée Recipes To Begin Weaning With

Frozen portions of purée

I’m going to share the recipes we are using on our weaning adventure. I batch cook these at the beginning of a week and store them in an ice cube tray so I can thaw them either over time in the fridge (Baby Button is up at 6, meaning I can pop one in the fridge when we get up and it’s ready at 12pm) or by thawing it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds.

These are recommended by the Cow & Gate Weaning Plan for children 17 weeks onwards.

Carrot Purée

One medium carrot and Baby’s usual milk (water can be used if you prefer).

Peel the carrot, and chop it into slices. I recommend making the slices even and not too thick so they steam quickly. Steam as required until they are soft enough to mash under a fork, then leave to cool.

Add to a food processor and blend, adding Baby’s milk until your preferred consistency.

Pea Purée

50g frozen petit pois and Baby’s usual milk (water can be used if you prefer).

Microwave the petit pois and a little water until defrosted. Strain the peas and add to blender, blending until smooth. Add milk to achieve your preferred consistency.

Broccoli Purée

100g freshly washed broccoli florets and Baby’s usual milk (water can be used if you prefer).

Steam the broccoli until soft. Add to blender and blend until smooth, adding milk until your preferred consistency.

Freshly made carrot purée

Once your purée has cooled, add to an ice cube tray. As you feed your baby one cube a day to begin with, this is an easy way to batch cook in advance.

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