10 Mistakes I’ve Made As A New Mum

Wanting the most expensive baby products

Big mistake.

I made a list back when I was pregnant, of the most trendy, upmarket baby.. Equipment and literally pined for it. From prams that cost over a thousand pounds, to hand woven nappies made from the skins of angels.. I wanted them so badly. I thought I’d fail as a mum without them. Thankfully, Baby Button’s father spoke sense into me, and we managed to get everything we’d ever need at a reasonable price – not named, but who cares? The only person who has cared, is me.

The best example of this is one I’ve spoken about with other mums I’ve met, regarding a long-necked animal marketed as a teether. Useless, and the one teether nobody minds dropping out of the changing bag – get yourself to Home Bargains and snatch a few different kinds of teething toys instead.

Not making the most of sleeping when Baby Button slept

I was a zombie for three months because of that. Now I’ve adapted, I can sleep standing up and as soon as my eyes close my body defines me as asleep. Obviously, as a Mother as soon as Baby Button passes wind or snorts, I’m wide awake again but.. I managed at least three months of my adult life surviving on forty five minutes sleep a night.

Not realising just how traumatic teething could be

Nobody, and I mean nobody – the books, the professionals, the other mothers – nobody tells you that a child can wake up screaming like they’re being murdered without a sign of distress first. I legitimately thought something was terribly wrong with my baby, and the fear it brought on was stomach churning.. Thankfully, I’m armed with Nurofen, Calpol and the knowledge that nappies can be terrible during teething. Without people like Victoria from Mum in Makeup, I wouldn’t have coped nearly as well in the days after ‘The Tooth Emergence, Part 1’.

Trusting the Jumperoo Dumperoo

Hey, new mum.

I wouldn’t ever be without my Rainforest Jumperoo, but here’s a tip. Your little baby angel will poo, and it will explode out of it’s behind like a tsunami. No matter how fast you grab your precious child from that plastic contraption, poo will be slowly seeping from the back of the nappy and upwards onto vests and sleep suits. Even more so if your baby hasn’t had a poo in a day or two. Pop him or her in the Jumperoo and wait for the magic to happen. Because it will.

Worried about what people might think about…

This is one I was really feeling. I was terrified of being around other people, or being out and about with Baby Button in case something happened and I couldn’t deal with it – such as public transport with a newborn, to name one. Six months on, I’ve come to appreciate that there will always be the tutters. The starers, the eye rollers and the sighers.. But there will always be the sympathic glance from that other parent frantically pushing their pram the opposite way to you, dealing with the same situation.

Taken on too much advice

Everyone has a tip, or helpful anecdote when it comes to parenting.

“My baby sleeps through! Just stand him on his head under a Christmas tree!”

“Have you tried the super-sleeper-plushie-300?”

“Just rub Sudocrem on it.”

Now, I never thought I’d utter these words on my blog but.. Just don’t stretch yourself too thin on the advice-taking front. Every baby is so vastly different. You can’t read a book and be an expert on them, just learn from the mistakes you make (or other mums make and share at baby groups) and honestly? You’ll be fine. For such little things, they’re incredibly resilient and you won’t break them. If you really are concerned, ring 111 or contact your health professional – not Linda from down the street who had her babies in 1963. If it isn’t urgent, a good place to chat about it is at baby groups with other mums in exactly the same position as you – putting your head together to solve a problem is much more constructive than wrapping it in cabbage leaves.

Not made time for myself

Motherhood literally swallowed me up.

Get up with baby, feed baby, put baby to bed, go to bed. But that isn’t good enough. Self care is even more important as a new mother, even if it is only shaving your legs in the shower when baby goes to bed. It makes a huge difference. Paint your nails, do a facemask, buy something you want to buy – you deserve it.

Put too much pressure on myself to keep up

You aren’t Wonder Woman. That ironing? The creases will drop out with wear. The laundry pile? Can wait till tomorrow. The dishes? Eat out of a pan. The only ‘essential’ you need to focus on is sterilising bottles. AsĀ  much as it pained me, with my caesarean wound and having Baby Button depending on me.. I realised that being a mum was more important at that point. I can promise you that it all comes naturally when baby gets a little older, you learn to multitask and when you can snatch a few seconds to throw some water in the sink to wash a plate or two.

Bloggers, that means you too. Your blog will still be there in a few months, when you’ve gathered all those marbles you’ve lost. Don’t fret.

Being too scared to attend any groups

The best thing I did was find other new mums. Motherhood is a lonely path, but you can change that for the better – just have a look at my ‘Now I’m just some mummy that you used to know‘ post and the comments. Get yourself out there, you honestly won’t be the only one feeling like you do and it gives you so much more confidence in yourself and your baby.. Get showing off just what your little one can do!

Being afraid to stand by my choices

Being a mum is a minefield.

Being a mummy blogger, is even more so.

I was scared to post things, in case I got trolled for doing something stupid or wrong – or not doing the new method of something. But after connecting with other mums online, I’ve reinforced my point from the beginning of my post: EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT. You know your child best, and you can make the choices you believe are the right ones. As much as it pains me to see anti-vaxxers, that’s the choice they want to make. It isn’t one I agree with, but its within their rights as a parent. I weaned Baby Button at four months via puree, and I don’t regret that – now as he nears six months, I’ll be looking into some Baby Led Weaning but it isn’t how I wanted to do things from the start. I might go into my choices in more detail at a later date, but for now I’m content with the path we have taken.

Now, I have confidence in the choices I make and I stand by them. We can all agree and we can all disagree – but lets all remember that we each have the ‘mum’ job title and rock it differently.

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