Six Months Of Being Mummy

Six months ago, I was in Warrington Hospital feeling dazed and confused with a tiny human being having just vacated my body. Stitched up and sore, I knew right then and there that my world would be turned on its head as I stared at the tiny little bundle.

My beautiful little boy. It was you.

Since then, time has flown by. I swear the last time I held you, you were so small you could fit almost in my hand. Now, you’re big and boisterous, a sociable little thing who loves getting into everything no matter how many doubts I have.

You were a winter baby. I used to fret over what to dress you in when we went out, or even for bed – I needn’t have worried. You let me know if you were cold, if you were hot, if you were just plain lonely. Those long winter nights we spend sat up on the sofa, where you could feed and doze because your cot was big and scary.. I hold them so close to my heart. That skin to skin time, feeling your heartbeat against my chest.. It’s unexplainable, but a mothers love is so overwhelming and powerful – you have mine.

We put ourselves in Baby classes – Yoga, messy play, music.. You have excelled in all of them. You even have some ‘baby friends’, which means your anti-social mum has some ‘mum friends’. During pregnancy I gave up my world for you – and now you’re rewarding me by building another one alongside me.

Thank you, little boy.

Thank you for teaching me every day that motherhood is something magical. It’s hard, some days (or nights) can be soul destroying that isn’t a secret. But your smile fixes all that, and keeps me going. It keeps me making my world better, so you have the best of everything.

Motherhood has been the best gift I’ve ever received, and it keeps on giving.

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