A Year Of Thrift: The Challenge

A long time ago, on a blog long forgotten I undertook my first ever ‘Charity Shop Challenge’. One year where I wouldn’t be buying anything* new from stores, one year where the only clothing I’d buy would be second hand from charity shops.

Today I’m sharing the concept again, because.. Well, I’m going to do it again. With a little updating because it isn’t all about charity shops anymore – there are different ways of investing in second hand clothing so this is my Year of Thrift. This time I’ll document it each month, with what I find and what I’m looking for – because it really has become something I’m incredibly aware of. Fast fashion is taking over our highstreets, and while it might be fun grabbing the latest design from Primark is it really something I want to be in the habit of? Not really. Its time for me to appreciate the journey behind our fashion, the reality of how things are made & marketed, and just what it takes to turn my look into a sustainable, ethical one.

Beginning on August the 1st, all my clothing purchases* will be made from charity shops, Ebay, or anywhere that clothes are sold as second hand. I’ve taken the time this month to get to grips with this idea and I’ve brought home a few key pieces that will work well as we transition to Autumn/Winter, which I might share towards the end of this month.

I really am looking forward to the next twelve months, and seeing where I stand with this at this time next year!

* The Exceptions:

Obviously, some things are best not bought second hand. I do have a list of exceptions that I’ll be buying new, but I think it’s pretty obvious why I’ll be making these purchases against the challenge:

  • Underwear (lingerie, anything classed as intimate wear)
  • Tights
  • Socks
  • Swimwear
  • Pyjamas
  • Things people buy me *
  • PR/Gifted items **

* My family often send me little things in the post, or pick things up for me as we live apart. In all fairness, a lot of these are from charity shops too, but I’m including the exception anyway.

** My blog is my job, somewhat. As a stay at home mum, I’d like to take my blog seriously and that might involve working with a brand on a gifting basis – I declare these and will continue to do so.

Obviously, this is my undertaking – Baby Button does wear second hand items, but some of his wardrobe is new and will continue to be new. Its just me who will be scouring the rails around the country in hopes of scoring a bargain or two.

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